2014 Year in Review & Hopes for 2015

We had a gloomy year end with the latest aviation crash of a plan en route to Singapore, my home country whose life status of over 150 passengers are still  unclear and the main wreckage still in the midst of being located. There is a massive flood going on in neighbouring country Malaysia, the worse that hit them leaving thousands homeless and facing food shortages. 

If we are right here in the comfort of our home, or in the company of our friends or loved ones, consider ourselves lucky that we are able to still ring in the year 2015 with a bang. I hope for all of us that this year, despite the unknown challenges ahead, have faith that we will start and end 2015 on a powerful and positive note.

Learning about these sad events that unfold in the form of tv footage and news coverage, I can't imagine being stranded without a house and waiting for our loved ones in vain, not knowing if they're dead or alive. It shows how our life is so precious and that wherever possible, we should seize the moment and live life to the fullest each day.

From here onwards, I'll start my quick review of 2014 and my hopes for 2015.

I've gotten weekly orders and I'm thankful for them because it gives me the opportunity to learn more and be better at what I do. It's a mean feat and very challenging in coping with these orders, where many tend to be of last minute. So for 2015, I hope to continue to challenge myself and cope better with the increasing orders and do my best. I will also would like to run this online shop in a more business-like manner, rather than just doing it as 'for fun' thing to bring in some extra dough.

Study wise, last year for the first time after more than 10 years, I took major exams. It was 3 subjects but still nothing short of crazy! I did surprisingly well though after I took quite a beating from having failed one of the class test. I told myself I will NEVER fail again because it will goes to show that I'm not focused enough  on my studies, choosing to focus on other aspects, namely my online shop. I finished 2 modules last year and on the way of completing my 3rd one very soon.

For 2015, I would continue to be better at my studies and to be at the top of my game by setting enough time for revision. It's been challenging for my other classmates as well, the younger and the older ones but I hope they will also continue to do their best and not give up easily.

Last year too, I had my second promotion at work. The pay got better and I had to acknowledge that my boss has higher expectations of me too. She has set her targets high last year and I struggled through trying to match up her targets which let me to become rather depressed and wanting to change jobs. 

But I stuck through and do my best, even though there are still hiccups along the way, and so I hope for 2015, I want to perform better, focus more and make lesser mistakes.

Financially, I was fine at the start of 2014 right through the middle but in the last quarter, I started to be face financial problems for like I don't know how many times already. Still, during that episode, I've made major changes to how I spend my money by triple checking the purpose of buying something. I want to make sure it adds value to my life, no matter the amount, so that it doesn't end up as frivolous spending and a waste of money.

Sounds rather complicated so instead of making my brain hurt, for 2015 financially, I want to focus more on making money. A lot of hard work need to be pumped in but I'm more determined than ever that I don't want to be feel trapped anymore. This will help me a lot in achieving my goal of living a comfortable life with a stash of savings and to be out of poverty, once and for all.

On a last note, I'm actually quite scared like what's going to happen and feeling as though I have to start all over again on this roller coaster ride. On the other hand, to be blessed that I get to usher in a brand new year again. Nobody knows for sure what is in store for us. But to not know what will happen, for sure we know that no matter what happens, we will come out stronger and better than ever before.

Happy New Year, everyone! Here's to more blogging and sharing with you snippets of my life, stories, disappointments, hopes and dreams.

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