New Drama Addiction: The Originals

I must admit there would be periods of time where I would be so addicted to certain you tube clips from dramas on tv, cable or movie that it's embarassing to note I might be one of the frequent contributor to the increasing viewership of the said you tube clips. I don't watch them in full episodes since of course, they have strict guidelines about posting online for free but then again, I wouldn't want to watch everything so you tube is like heaven to me. That is provided, they upload the critical scenes. I would somehow know how the storyline goes, even though I don't watch all because I trawl the internet for the spoilers, recap and even the transcript, pretty much what I do with this show. 

After that, I would continue to trawl the you tube world and I'm thankful for these eager fans would spend time running through the episodes and make short clips out of them the minute they're out. So time consuming and therefore, I'm touched by how they do it without any fees and out of their own free time and interest, super fast too I must add, to share with the fans from other parts of the world.

You must have read my earlier post on how I was so in awe with one of the supporting characters which I admit, would promptly stop watching, if they ever kill his character. He's such a cool person like those laidback type but with such badass vibe to it, although I must say that in the recent episode, he is a little of a disappointment for a werewolf army leader. But he got injured so ok, guard down for a moment. He was saved by Josh, obviously, and who is also my favourite supporting characters. 

Argh, I can't choose! I like most of the characters, except of course the vengeful baddies, such as the two main Michaelson brothers Elijah and Klaus (world's apart in personalities but they look out for each other), the besties Josh and Davina, Marcel, the Vampire leader and Aiden, the werewolf leader and a secret ally of the vampires, for as long as it gets him and his pack, the freedom from being under the beck and call of the witches.

I had to wait for two months before they start the season again this month (oh, the agony!) but clearly, I was happy because Aiden and Josh are still alive, phewh. I could rest my thoughts because someone commented in the wikipedia, they mentioned in their twitter that they would be in the next season after this mid season finale. Yay, they're alive!

Ok, back to this show. So basically it's a supernatural drama made up of werewolves, vampires and witches and their feud over centuries. It's a spinoff from the popular Vampire Diaries series. Despite the centuries of feud, once in awhile, they would come together to form an alliance, grudgingly of course, if they need one another to help defeat the enemies working against them. I would post the link below, if you ever want to know more about the show. It really helps for a newbie like me. 

I would call this my new tv addition, though technically, I don't watch it there. Or rather, my new distraction especially during rest moments from cramming of notes for the upcoming Exams.

Learn more about The Originals here

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