Treasured Memories

In life, people come and go. Even things that used to be in the rage and of places that used to be bustling with people, over time popularity may dwindle, things take a toll by the harsh realities of time but memories are not meant to be broken. There are people who may do things that upset you and practically make your life a living hell but there are also others who are basically real life angels. Sadly, the rapid changing world has made many people cold hearted and instead of doing some self-reflection on how they could be better, they choose to blame it on other people.

When you hear them talk, all you can think about is how the world doesn't revolve around them. Don't always expect people to bend over backwards for you for your own benefits. Fortunately, there are still others who are rational, supporting and caring enough to be there for your in times of your need and to support you in every step you take. 

I do have such people in life and one of them is a friend, not just to me, but to many others. Her birthday is coming up soon and we did a small celebratory lunch with her before sitting down about two hours later to pass her the gifts, and ahem..for me to take the opportunity for a selfie with her.

I cannot find any faults in her..well, perhaps her inability to find a boyfriend LOL...oh wait, that happens to be mine too, haha. She is down to earth and level headed about things in general and practically an angel with a lot of lame jokes in her mind. I just think that she is where she is right now not because of her family background but because she deserves all the good things that she have in her life right now. She is so understanding and practical and think before she does things by not letting emotions get in the way.

Nowadays it's so easy to find easily irritated people who have no qualms picking fights and quarrels, even in the middle of the road or in public places. But this friend of mine has a certain kind of zen in her, haha. Well, what is the point of always being angry at other people anyway, eh? We're not perfect ourselves, we can't expect other people to be perfect too.

Happy Birthday to you!

In the evening, I had the chance to go to the defunct Bukit Timah railway station and instead of enjoying myself, within 5 minutes, I was overcome by sudden illness that we had to cut our adventure short. Haiz, don't wish to get into details of it. It's so majorly embarrassing although thankfully there isn't many people around.

To cut the story short, it was a bad experience although thankfully, nobody noticed it. I've caught myself in this situation before and it was not a good experience too but I learnt from my mistake. I also learnt the mistake from my earlier illness too, sigh. 

I managed to take one lonely shot of this remaining railway track.

You can imagine the situation back then when people used to lug their belongings and hoping to get home safely amidst the bustling crowd. I had one memory of boarding the train when I was so much younger back then in the early 80s at the Tanjong Pagar railway. However, I wasn't quite sure if it was indeed a memory from the past or I was simply imagining things because I did have pictures of my parents in the train from our old album. I could have imagined going to the station and eventually the train.

If indeed it was true, then it will be like a treasured memory of mine, much like the selfie I took with the upcoming birthday girl.

People and things may come and go but what is important to remember are the treasured memories we had of our first adventure and the friendship that we have.

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