Me & My Attempt in Drinking Chinese Tea

I don't know how but I seem to be gaining weight around the tummy, hips and well..butt area which is so excruciatingly difficult to get rid of. Many women tend to gain weight around those areas and it really sucks. I have no idea too how I've been gaining weight because I don't remember eating a lot of unhealthy food. Everytime I set my mind to losing weight, I gain instead, haha. My lunch isn't fantastic either. It just consists of oatmeal and wholemeal bread except for one of the weekdays where I get to skip eating oatmeal and eat a proper lunch instead bought from the canteen.

While I think it's true that as you age, your metabolism rate slows down which means that you burn fats at a slower pace, it's not completely true that you cannot lose weight at all. I know that I have to be more conscious in what I eat such as eating more healthier stuffs and do more physical activities to help in the burning of calories.

I read over the last weekend that a successful weight loss means 90% diet and 10% exercise. Basically, what you eat is what you become or something in that line. As I read further on what food I should take to aid in the weight loss, I discovered the benefits of green tea.

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I know you're thinking where have I been. I actually don't like the taste and smell of green tea. It just reminds me of highly concentrated shampoo product, haha. But somehow at one point of time, I had to drink green tea at a Japanese restaurant because it came in a set as part of our groupon deal. Buying another drink will add cost so yah, unless I want to choke on my sushi, I drank the green tea and I found out that drinking it without the sugar isn't sooo bad. 

However, I still am not a fan of the taste so what I do is to hold my breath and drink it non-stop until it's finished. Then, on the first day of attempting to drink this humble drink, I did more research and found out that while it helps to increase metabolism rate, it only increases it by 4%. However, with oolong tea, another type of Chinese tea, it seems that its increase is higher at 10%.  My office pantry has both and while I have bought my own pack of green tea, I used the pantry supplies. I tried to find for the oolong tea at the groceries but I cannot find the exact brand. There is one other brand but it's pricey because it's organic. I am going to find either the same brand or another one but at an affordable price. It's so much harder to find than green tea which every tea manufacturer seems to have though. I guess people already know how more beneficial oolong tea and I am so much left behind, haha. 

I better get my own pack soon before I used up the whole pack in the pantry ;p

I hope that with a healthier lunch, where I will faithfully eat the oatmeal lunch every week day at least 4 times instead of 3 times, together with drinking chinese tea, I will see some positive results. If I snack, it will be minimal and only in the morning. Usually in the late evening I will feel hungry so I will just eat some marie biscuits to curb the hunger and finish off with oolong tea. I know I can't see the benefits fast but I hope to at least look better before I start school in less than 2 weeks time.

I've seen other women about my age or younger are taking a more conscious attempt at losing weight too not for the sake of vanity only but for health in the long run. At least I hope they are. I mean sometimes how can you not when you are surrounded by people who are so much thinner than you who you work with or go to school with on a regular basis. I know how it felt like back then when I used to go out with my former classmates. I also felt different from them.

Hope this post inspires you to drink Chinese tea too!

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