Overwhelmed but Grateful

 I admit that I felt overwhelmed mid-week. I had orders coming in, which is good believe me, but another thing is that I have just started on a new module as of last Monday. I've always felt lethargic last few weeks and add school to the repertoire, it somehow made it worse because for three times during the week, I would return home late at night after school and doing some grocery shopping.

To me, school doesn't quite interfere with the time I spend running the online shop because I am usually not productive around the time I reach home from work which can be anything from 7.30 to 8.30pm. I would rather veg out infront of the laptop and do mindless surfing either on the laptop or or on the phone through wireless internet. However, I simply could not get up in the middle of the night to do my work and just my luck, I had to rush several of my orders including one who, I don't know if it's a miscom or something, said that she didn't receive the mother's day card along with the anniversary card. I know she specifically told me that she didn't mind getting that mother's day card later like in early May. I don't want to argue further so I thought I would just do her card.

So as mentioned earlier, I had difficulty waking up. At most, if I am feeling extra lethargic to get up to do some work, I could still manage to do so at about 6am or even earlier than that. But I slept through until 6 plus, haha. Therefore, I had no choice but to inform my office that I would be taking time off but it simply meant that I would arrive late at work at about 11am. Of course I didn't specifically tell them about rushing orders. I told them something else instead, hee.

Then just as I thought this nightmare of rushing work is close to over, an order which I managed to extend to this Wednesday, it was brought forward, all of the things that she had paid for, to Sunday morning. I was like OMG, but I thought that I could do this, even though I would be out with my brother doing our explorations, because I didn't want to hold on to this order anymore. I had to move on to other orders.

How I managed? I managed it well enough to finish all the cards, and although a little bit more time would make it to how I had envisioned the cards, though I am still satisfied with the outcome to not be able to notice the time constrain that I have.

However all these taught me a lesson. Remember I was mentioning about how 'overwhelmed' I felt in mid-week, so much so, I had to take some time off from work to complete my orders. I realized that I should be feeling proud of myself instead. I am doing things that I would only wish for in the past such as continuing my education because I felt that there was no way I could afford the fees, even at a diploma level. There was no way I could earn some extra income and when I have the ability to earn it, I was thinking about how hard it was to get orders. I should be thinking positive and grateful for being given these opportunities. I won't let anyone and most importantly, myself down.

Moving forward now, I am able to pay for my second module for my diploma, and I have been receiving orders every week. It didn't really matter to me that I am pursuing a diploma instead of a degree and it also didn't matter to me about how much I receive as long as I can be kept going and income will come in as and when. What matters to me most is that I am able to pursue further studies and I am able to contribute to my savings fund which also help me to pay off some of my debt besides using it for household expenses.

The only thing I have to do now is to keep track of time, continue to work hard in life in all areas and overcome my lethargy. I believe that whatever we do, we must put in the efforts, don't give up easily and if we fall, get up and start again.

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