Woodlands Bazaar Outing! - Plus a Tummy Upset

We are currently in the midst of the fasting month and come this Wednesday, it will officially be two weeks. This coming Hari Raya is going to be different because it will be a day just before National Day. Coolness. I saw the term National Raya or something in that line being coined.

So! As usual, my family will be one of the fams left out of the celebrations. It's a joyous occasion definitely with family and friends gathering but yah, we're very low key..haha. Okay, we shall get to that more later.

As for now, we shall concentrate on our fasting and also to perform good deeds. Oh, and eat all the yummy food my mum will specially prepare during this month. This is also a chance for me to lose some inches, even if the kilograms don't necessarily drop. I've been pretty much stuck at the same damn weight and while it doesn't bother me too much, it will....probably help having to wear a  pair of jeans that do not cinch too much at the waist. Just sayin'

So! I had a tummy upset this Sunday morning because I ate too much rubbish the night before. Sigh. Where should I begin with the food. McDouble from McDonalds, McWings, cheese hot dog, half a Ramlee burger, half a turkish chicken wrap, red velvet cake shared with the fam...and the list goes on. It's no wonder I woke up with a tummy upset..heh. 

But I think the real cause was because I ate some rice with egg and the vegetable was spoilt already. This is the problem with the buying food from such Ramadhan bazaar. Such bazaars are specially opened during the fasting month for the Muslim community to buy break fast needs and to prepare for Raya  like cookies and baju kurung which is a traditional Malay long dress. Nowadays there are so many designs I'm pretty much lost but I still like a simple clean design or anything that makes me look slimmer..ha.

So I allowed myself to go a bit crazy with food on Saturday but well..I shall stick to simple home cooked food for now or until our next bazaar outing such as the one at Bussorah Street and Geylang.

Some pics from the night!

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