Exploring Historical Site: Fort Canning Park

I took history lessons in the past and I also did the subject for A level, plus somehow managed to scrape through. How? Dunno.

Anyway, my brother will always think of ways to explore Singapore without burning a holey moley in the pocket because we're not that well off. I think even if we are, he will probably still be very stingy with his money. So he has always wanted to explore the Fort Canning Park which is an important historical landmark way back when Singapore was at war with Japan. There's quite a lot of things to see..and er..a lot of stair climbing. Fort Canning  Park has many archaeological finds such as relics and ancient brick buildings.

The hills offer a great view which prompted Sir Raffles to build his first colonial residence. Beautiful architecture. When I was standing on the majestic residence porch, I felt like a Queen waving to her subordinates down below..ha. The last time I went here, I ruined my expensive pair of Zara sandals from an outdoor concert watching Muse. They were super great but there were soooo maaany people that my feet were tossing around in the muddy area. It was raining prior to that so that explains it too.

By the time we finished our exploring, I was drenched in sweat. What a workout. 

So enjoy the pics below! (Click on the pics for a larger view)


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