Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Lights Up! And it's not even Christmas..Gardens By the Bay

 It has been a year but I have never been to the Gardens by the Bay even though it's mostly free unless you want to go to the OCBC Skywalk which is like a treetop walk except the trees are fake yet majestic and artistic looking. If you look at the pictures or at least visit their website, you will know what I mean.

I went at night and the weather was cooling. It is situated near the ECP but there is a MRT station nearby which is Bayfront, part of the Circle Line and the minute you exit, you will see it straight away although you need to walk a bit to see the supertrees.

They are so majestic and who knew, they were man made. Okay, actually you can tell but really, it's a unique architecture combining concrete and plants. You've got to see it to believe it. You can either go day or night although if you go in the day, it can be blistering hot but it can't beat the heat experienced by moi at the Jurong Bird Park..ha. I practically thought my skin was chapping badly. Okay actually it did experience some redness. Even Sentosa didn't make my skin chap like that.

I had to wait for quite awhile before the light show started and here's a funny bit. We saw quite a number of people sitting on a grass patch in an open space facing the Supertrees and I suggested we do the same. The minute we sat down, my skirt was wet. Not as in wet wet but there was a patch on it. And my denim skirt is not dark but in a light blue shade which makes it eve more obvious. Talk about wanting to blend in with the crowds. We decided to sit somewhere nearby which was more comfortable. But comfortable to a certain extent because the person next to me kept playing this noisy game on her tablet even throughout the light show. *kill me*

It's all good though! I enjoyed myself especially if I don't have to fork out money from my pocket but can't say much about our dinner afterwards at McDonald's cafe..haha. It's not situated there even though they have some restaurants for you to eat with your family and friends. But I think the best is for you to hold a mini picnic with them to save on moolah and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

But do check first if the grass patch is wet first.

Enjoy the pictures! (Click on the pictures..if you wanna zoom in..that is if you want to)

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