Sunday, July 14, 2013

Back to Blogging..Story of My Life

It's been ages since I've last blogged. So guilty about it. I've been busy attending to my online shop orders and while I'm thankful for it, I've been losing sleep on some days where I have to work throughout the night to make the goodies. I would take a nap about 10 to 11 ish at night and wake up about 2.30am to start work. Sometimes, I start the ball rolling by doing some simple designs after work or try to finish up last night's work. 

In other words, it has been hectic. Although not all are paid orders, some are giveaways which I'm pretty generous in order to generate interest and build up my online portfolio. I try to be fair by using the random generator and select those who have not won anything yet but sigh, least they did buy something in the end. Except for one and she won again. Oh well.

I am doing all this despite having a full time job. Sometimes, I don't understand why I am doing all this. But what made me continue, which includes having to pass the goodies to someone in Jurong East right in the west area yesterday, is that I want to earn a good side income. While this month's pay has increased again to a point where my gross salary is now more than $2K like finally, I just want to have money all the time.

Yes by the way, while I did try to save up the money I've earned from my online shop, not sure how to explain but somehow I still managed to be so broke, I was down to $0.66 and I'm not even a hardcore shopper. Yes, I do buy things to supplement my hobby, which also earns me some money, but is taking a toll  on me when it comes to buying thing for my family's daily expenses.

However, with this month's pay which includes the mid year bonus plus the slight increase in my pay, I hope to make a fresh start. I still buy things as an  investment for my online shop because in order to make money, I have to use money but I am cutting back and trying to use as much current supplies as I could.

I know I have said that so many times but I have always failed to do so. But now I've got no more excuse because I will have to pay my school fees by July 30th. That amount is $600 which is actually below the estimated amount of $790. So I was contemplating how to pay the $800. I thought I would use the GST voucher to pay but I recently found out, along with other people, that I won't be getting the amount as of every freaking year. Why? Because now, they look at the salary as in my earnings in 2011, instead of just looking at the value of my house. Of course I was shocked because seriously, $500 can go a long way for me. Okay at least it will help to pay my school fees, LOL. 

It's fine. Looks like I have to use my mid year bonus instead. On top of that, my brother will also be getting his bursary next Saturday which amounted to $1800..phews. That's a lot of money for him. So he's kind enough to give me $300 of which I will use to pay part of school fees. One of the things I am glad about my brother is that how he is not a spendthrift and unlike many other teenagers who favour style and brands, he is simply bo chap or don't care as long as it looks neat and presentable...and doesn't make him look so fat..haha. I believe his family in future will be taken care of and we will be taken care of too because he is good in managing his money. He even want to use half of his bursary money as emergency fund, for unforeseen things like paying for the electrical bills when it gets cut off, like recently.

Bless his soul..

The only thing standing in his way of setting aside that amount for emergency is my mother. Haha, yes, of all people. Thought we could do it secretly and not let her know the amount. But he will have to attend a ceremony to receive the cheque and there is no way we could get past our mother for that. We are still sticking with our game plan of telling her that it is $900 and I sincerely hope she doesn't eat into my $300 which I have planned to use to pay for the fees. That's my other fear, like she thinking I don't need the money. I also hope she doesn't open the envelope which will reveal the true cheque amount.

Why are we so fearful of her? Well, we have concluded if she wants more, then we'll give her more and that is if she finds out. We don't want her to think we have such amount because we are afraid she will use the amount. I know she won't use it for selfish things like buying jewelry and other expensive things. But she doesn't really think when she spends. She also expect us to do the same. She said we shouldn't be so uptight about spending on the family but well you know, things aren't exactly cheap here so we have to cut back.

Let's seriously see how this goes.

Meanwhile, I will continue to work hard and bring in the dough for my online shop, even if it means losing sleep once in awhile..haha.

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