Sweet Ending to 2011!

Heya there,

I've been having problems when I type and the cursor appears double and I get confused..haha. Anyway, I'm using a different browser and so far so good. Also, my internet connection isn't working very well but I just suspect it is due t the wireless router. This thing is old already so you know...just like when I am getting older, I become less efficient, haha. I kid. So while I have yet to fully resolve the problem, I just have to make do with direct connection through the lan cable bypassing the router. If it sounds so technical jargon-ish, just take it that well, the router is faulty.

So, how was your new year? :) Mine was great in the sense that well, we get to see fireworks from the rooftop and they were majestic because they were right above us. My friends were so fast in putting up the photos and I have yet to put up mine. Probably later on. I've got a few things to be done and of course, one of them is blogging.

I guess many of us strive to resolve doing this or that, but then we lose the motivation half way through. Well, if you are one who think that you just cannot keep up with your resolutions, my simple suggestion to you is just to learn as you go and remember to always think positive. Don't be overly depressed because the consequences later won't be so great and I believe that in every cloud, there is a silver lining. Sometimes we go through certain things in life to keep us on our toes that we shouldn't take our life for granted and that we need to do a reality check.  

I have blogged the makeup goodies that I received recently as a gift and and as prize. I have collected my anna sui make up and I am happy because as someone who can't afford their make up, it is such a nice surprise. Also, shortly after that I won something else too! I know! Can't believe I can 'squeeze' in winning another contest right before the contest ends..haha! Unbelievable. What's up with my luck in 2011. Most of them are bad, but when it comes to contests, I can't believe I actually won 4..yes..not 1,2 or 3 but 4 times! Never felt so lucky before!

It was just a random contest that I saw on my newsfeed because I  'like' urban page and actually I am not a fan of such contests where I am required to write down something creative based on the question they give and they will randomly choose based on what we write. Why? Because it seems like hard work trying to think of what to write, haha. But it's just purely for fun. Besides, I somehow need a planner (and come on, it is Esprit brand! ) and I don't even know if my friend is going to buy me the planner from Kikki K which I had hinted via email that I wanted it, heehee. Knowing me, you know I won't buy their products coz they're too ex. I would rather someone buy for me as a gift but of course, it is by no means something that is a must.

Back to the winning story. When I was reading the Urban insert from the Friday papers, it mentioned that it announced the winners of the Esprit planner. I wasn't that confident that I would get it just like how I thought that I didn't think I would win any of the makeup goodies from the makeupstash christmas giveaway. But you know, sometimes you just have to give it a try :) Isn't that the goal in everyone's life. You never know if you are gonna get lucky!

So infact, I did!

1. Sayaka Tatekura
2. Wj Tan
3. Kitty Toh-Dorett
4. Dorine Toh
5. Nia Nasyitah Zulkifli
6. Ong Guo Xiong
7. Yien Hoe Yeo
8. Ni La Ser 
9. Rahayu Popz
10. Lim Hui Ting 

Unbelievable! :) So egg-cited. Life can be so sweet sometimes. Oh, speaking of sweet, my friend actually DID buy for me a Kikki K planner. Oops. I had no idea really, that I was either going to win the Esprit planner or even get the Kikki K planner as a gift.

Oh well, Taylor Swift says two is better than one!

Next aim! Winning an electronic gadget like an ipad or a camera. Will keep my eyes peeled for them. Hopefully my luck hasn't worn off yet, ha!

On another note, while I am trying my best to work on my failed resolution of last year which is to lose 10kg but felt like I put on 10kg instead, I just renewed my determination. Heck, I dragged myself to gym yesterday, hokay. Seriously dragged because I had never gone to gym so late before, hahaha! Better than a no show right? When you start to struggle to squeeze into your jeans and skirts, and not willing to buy a size bigger, somehow you gotta do something. I know I am capable of achieving this weight loss agenda but I didn't have that much motivation last year. So this time round, I don't want to fool around no more.

My aim is to lose at least 1 kg every month because that will work out about 12kg by the end of the year. That is like slightly more than my target of 10kg. I am going to make it achievable. I know I can!

Huating! (Go for it!)

Of course, the best is of course to lose more than that la about 1kg to 1.5kg. But you know, I had so much difficulty last year so I don't want to have too high hopes. Do something that is achievable.

So that is my first post of 2012. I am trying to find creative ways of blogging not for the sake of making money because that is never my intention. I just want to make it interesting you know. Before I leave for KL this Friday, I will blog a bit more especially regarding our new year's eve celebrations. Probably it is just going to be photo heavy only. And no it's not because I am in them, chet.

Anyhoo, just wanna wish you a happy 2012 and hopefully things go great for you this year. 

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