Being Zen Like

We're just human and we make mistakes but some mistakes can be avoided as we get too carried away emotionally and hurting the people around us without us knowing about it. There are people who gets so caught up in their emotional web that they carry this ego where they refuse to back down even though things have cooled down or it's just a trivial matter or a slight misunderstanding. But alas, they're way too egoistic to realize that. 

Nevertheless, I don't want to be such people. These kind of people hurt other people without realizing it because they are too selfish to care about how others may feel and expect others to attend to their whims and fancies. 

One word. Whatever.

Honestly, I too get carried away emotionally as I guess it's just part of being a girl. But before things get blown out of proportion, I just take a step back and then realize that I'm huffing and puffing over nothing and I shouldn't be so emotional. I mean I am an adult and I believe childish behaviour should be left in the past and not carried forward. Therefore now, I strive to be more zen like. People complain all the time..especially in Singapore. While some also offer constructive criticism, others complain for the benefit of their own. Things don't go their way, complain. They don't realize that certain things are not easy to implement and not everything can be perfect. We can't always answer to all.

Instead of being bitter about things and how difficult life is blah blah blah, we should learn to focus on doing good and also being open minded about things. Stop complaining for once, stop being so moody, and realize that we should aim to be more zen like because when our mind is clear, we think better. Someone said that we actually have the ability to control our emotions but we get too lost in them sometimes especially when they either refuse to accept the truth or they totally want things to go their way, no matter what.

Stop this negativity. You can actually lose friends or lose the trust of the people around you because of your inability to control your emotions. I also aim to be more calm and collected instead of always thinking negative things as sometimes, our mind also tend to exaggerate the matter, even if it is a trivial one.

Here's to good health. Don't keep holding on to negative emotions. Life's too short to hold on to grudges and thinking negatively. 

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