Pulling Through a Rough Start

Update regarding my food poisoning, well I am better :) and after such harrowing experience where I was practically so weak and crying in pain and despair, I have recovered. However, my brother got his food poisoning merely days after mine and the poor thing was also in pain. I had never seen him so weak before. Anyway, if you are suffering from food poisoning, you need to hydrate yourself well with an isotonic drink and load up on vitamin C such as using the vit C sachets or the the effervescent vitamin C pills. That's what I learnt from the doctor.

So anyway, I would like to update this blog regularly and as you can see, it has a new look. Very pink, I know. The graphics is a bit crappy though but my designing skills are pretty rusty so I guess that is the best for now. 

The month of January is coming to an end soon and as you can hear about it ever so often, the economy is pretty much gloom and doom, or at least predicted to be as such. So be careful about your expenditures. I am trying to pick up some craft skills such as making of cards and accessories so that I can learn to make some money as a source of additional income. I know I talk about this all the time and just as I was about to embark on such a project, I had to get fever followed by food poisoning. Now it is no more excuse. I just have to go ahead with my plans. 

I have accumulated some neat stuffs recently from Daiso. I got myself a bunch of pattern cutters, or I've no idea what they call them exactly.

Okay after looking at the pic, I realized they are called craft punchers. They cost 2 bucks each only! I believe I got all the patterns. They don't have much so oh well, I guess that will do for now. Of course if you want more varieties, you can either buy the Carl brand ( I recently purchased their corner puncher for $7.60..*faint*) and after looking at the materials and how much they cost, I conclude that scrapbooking or making DIY cards is an expensive hobby. However, it is possible to create art or something nice and pretty to look at if you've got the creativity without spending much. I believe it is called sustainable art. There is also sustainable fashion where people make new clothes out of scraps of fabric from old clothes. 

In previous times, or even until now, some families are barely surviving with their current income and they do other things to supplement their current income. Like for some Malay associations, they try to help single mothers to make an income for themselves by teaching them basic skills like sewing or baking so that they are able to earn their own money to support their families. Some are really poor thing where they were so reliant on their husbands, that when they pass away or they divorce, they just don't know where to get the money from. As women, we must strive to learn to earn our own keeps. For those with families, it is even harder because you know that nowadays things don't come cheap. 

No matter how dire our situations can be, like I always say, be grateful for what you have. Then of course spend wisely, as in during big sales, buy more clothes or buy a nice bag that have a huge discount and take care of the bag until the next sales. I know that being girls, we can never have enough bags. Based on experience, I feel that I don't need to change bag every single day. I can actually carry the same bag to work for like what..up to 2 weeks?

I've been lucky recently in which I won some stuffs and also I got a colleague who gave me Clinique make up palette. Argh! High end! I may love make up but I have a lot of difficulty buying expensive make up because I don't think it is a necessity. I am also lucky because I won an Anna Sui make up palette. So that's two..TWO high end brands! In regards to bag, my good friend Natasha got me a teal colour bag, which of course was one of the things on my wish list..heh. 

So these are the things that I am proud to have :)

The two orange books are actually a planner and a notebook respectively. For the planner, I won it in a contest by Urban on tie up with Esprit. Actually, I took part just for fun and didn't really think I would win it but anyway, I got it as a nice surprise. I am using it currently. For the other orange notebook, I got it free when I bought the style magazine for $6. I don't really read style coz it's mostly about high end fashion but oh well, down the road I can use it to find inspirations for my designs. Or perhaps cut out the photos..hehe.

The black bag is the bag I got from Mango during their sales recently. I bought it for just $35. Steal! Originally it was $60 I think? Around there. And of course make up. I won the Anna Sui make up and I got the clinique make up  palette and the liquid foundation from a colleague. She's so generous!!!

While it has been a rough start for me, I believe that I just have to think positive and find ways to make my life better instead of simply worrying. One of the ways to chase the blues away is to believe in yourself that things will get better and make an effort to improve yourself. A successful person doesn't just sit down all day. He or she works very hard before reaping the rewards. 

So how has your new year been so far? Well, if you haven't been really keeping up with your resolutions, time to sit down and write down what has gone wrong and where you can strive to make changes and finally keep to them. It's not too late. 

After a two week hiatus, I hit the gym again and finally, I got to go on the strider. That irritating hoarder was no where to be found. It doesn't help that now there is only one strider, hrmph. Oh well. It just means that I have to wake up way earlier and not be lazy before finally dragging my ass down to the gym, haha.

I think I feel a bit healthier now and I shall continue to watch what I eat especially when I am at work by cutting down on unnecessary snacking and keeping to a light lunch. Also, I will continue to strive to walk at least 15 minutes after work. Nowadays major illnesses are like this new mutated breed. They are harder to treat and more costly to treat as well. So it's better to take care of your health now than never.

Have a blessed Chinese New Year to those celebrating it and those who do not, at least in Singapore, have a good extended weekend! Spend these two days wisely by doing something fruitful and rewarding. 

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