Down With Food Poisoning

I'm back from KL, Malaysia but just to tell you that I'm feeling unwell. I went back to work on Tuesday and then after dinner, which my mum gave such a huge portion, I started feeling so unwell. At first I thought because I was overfed (I mean looking at the portion) and I could still play computer, buy groceries from the shop downstairs and then that was when it struck me...I was starting to feel so bloated. Bloated was one thing and then followed by uneasiness. Throughout the night, I became very sick and couldn't turn to my sides as my tummy area felt so tight. Felt like one of those abs workout gone wrong..ha! Sorry, sick also can afford to make jokes.

I vomited many times but it wasn't like huge chunks of vomit because I just couldn't. But I often had the vomiting sensations but my vomit was like watery consistency. I know, too much info. I also started to have diarrhea and it was the same consistency as my vomit. There was so much gas in my tummy and it felt trapped. I felt trapped on my own bed and it didn't help either my mum didn't know how much discomfort and pain I was in that she kept making so much noise comparing me to my aunt was sick in bed for 3 consecutive days when she stayed over our house in December. She also started to be so sarcastic about how her food, lovingly and painstakingly prepared by her, had caused me so much pain. I kept telling her, and crying about it, that it could be due to me overeating a lot of junk food in Malaysia that now my tummy was having all the undue stress.

Infact, until now she felt that it was her pasta that caused me to be very ill given that it was the last food I ate before I got really sick. But the thing was that she and my bro didn't get sick at all. 

Okay long story short, I had food poisoning. Unbelievable. I thought I was having stomach flu though I wasn't quite sure what were the symptoms for that. Anyway, I couldn't make it to the usual polyclinic for the heavily subsidized treatment mainly because I didn't think I could make it to the bus stop even, let alone stand the long waiting time. Now I appreciate the fact that my flat is just a mere 5 minute walk from the nearest doctor which is just...the next block. Many years of staying here and only now then I visited that humble clinic that resembled a bomb shelter.

As of now, I have to avoid milk. I've decided to be off cheese for awhile as well because prior to eating the pasta, I had a cheese waffle and then my mum had also added cheese to her pasta as well. Also, the thought of cheese induce vomitting as well :s

I'm still feeling quite weak and the doctor was right in saying that food poisoning take awhile to recover but when you recover, you can recover very well. So I haven't fully recovered even though I had made it back to work and back home safely without fainting...haha. 

When I'm feeling a 101% better again, I will be doing a new blog layout and dedicate a good portion of my time blogging. I also want to take it in a new direction though I don't quite know what kind of direction it will take. Somehow, it will still be personal because this is after all a personal blog. 

To those reading these, my advice is to be careful of what you eat and not because of what I am going through right now but nowadays you just don't know what they put in your food. It can taste nice, no doubt about it, but to me, fresh ingredients are a must. Not one of those pre made sauces, instant food etc. Just good ol' fresh ingredients without the added artificial ingredients.

Stay healthy people!

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