Friday, February 27, 2009

Movie Reviews

To be honest with you , I often think about what I want to write in my blog but then when I start reading other people's blogs, I realised that Im not such a good writer and I damn well admit it. I dont know if I should write to entertain or write to reflect what I want to say without caring what others think or basically just write about my daily experiences in life.

So in other words, I am pretty much torn about my writing style but when I recall now, I did mention on few occasions that I dont write to entertain others but merely use my blog as an avenue to express myself and organize my thoughts. And guess what? I shall stick to this format instead of feeling down whenever I read a blog-tastic post by other people and start shunning my own blog. Incidentally, I must also admit that is part of the reason for my absence.

Anyway, I try to improve my writing skills indirectly when I read the newspapers and the way they weave the words and phrases together are so enticing and I actually do enjoy reading the movie reviews. I read them not because I want to see if the movie is worth watching, which I am glad that these movie reviewers dont fall into the category of easily buying the 'hype' created by the media.

One of the stand out reviews that I read was for the movie The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. While everyone was talking about Brad Pitt's nomination as Best Actor and how this could be his best role yet..blah blah blah....(I think they're just pointing out that a pretty boy who is constantly in the public eye can actually act), the movie reviewer actually lauded his other female co stars. In his opinion, they actually deserved more credit than him but unfortunately, were not being nominated for their more real and convincing acting.

I must admit that I didnt see the movie but when I watched snippets of it and the trailer, he did not seem to convince me that he's a character worth watching. I just looked to me that he was just preening and pouting as though he was flirting with the audience with the schmuck like 'hey...this is my break out hooray to more star power!' It almost felt that this was the same character from the Ocean's franchise which also starred George Clooney. But when I watched Cate Blanchett, I sympathised with her character with her happy but sad expression of a woman who watched her one true love slowly slipping away from her when he became younger and younger while she aged gracefully.

Now, even the recent Best Motion Picture winner, Slumdog Millionaire, was not spared from a bit of criticism but it's all in the name of reviewing it thoroughly by recognising the hits and misses. The reviewer actually reflected on the underlying message of the movie and then compare it to the overall feel of the show and whether the director had accomplished in telling the audience the story while wowing us in the process.

So if you pick up the newspapers, do read the movie reviews instead of merely buying the hype only to be disappointed later. But if you're the type like me who will watch anything in his or her favour (in other words, who cares what they say!), spend the weekend watching the two movies mentioned if you have not done so. Ooh...speaking of which, this same weekend, we will get 'gahmen' money...woohoo!

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