Thursday, February 26, 2009

Extreme Spending Adventure

I have been such a majorly lazy bugger for the last 2's easy to imagine what a complete mess my life is now. Ok..messy...not in a sorta step on people's toe kinda way but just messy...

Well, I can say that I kinda screw up a bit in terms of my expenditure...I guess coz I am in this bubble that on the 1st of march, the 'gah-men' (government) is going to give eligible Singapore citizens some money to tide over the economic woes. I dont know if I am right but given such difficult times, I suppose Singaporeans will complain less over the amount given because any monetary help is useful. For a scrooge like me who gets easily delighted when she finds a 2 dollar note or even a ten cent coin on the floor, the amount I am getting makes me happy although I do worry if it can last till my next pay day which is more than a week later.

Seriously, if I dont have to spend on my family, based on my recent adventure in Bugis Street two weeks ago, I would help myself to a lot of great bargains that I can easily pick up (a freaking belt for 2 dollars?!! *faints*). Oh well, there will always be a time when I get a little bit more dough and just getting a new blouse or new something can set off a trigger happy chain of reaction in me which just goes to show that sometimes, it is worth the wait.

While other average money earners like me scramble to save money, there is still a group of people who dont stop short of lavishing themselves with expensive facials, jewelleries and branded goods. Unless they want to be like Paris Hilton who finds shopping as an excuse to help the economy, it's seriously puzzling for someone to go to courts to ask for extra money every month from the ex husband in order to support her children and herself which later came to light in the news as an 'excuse' to support their lavish lifestyles that they soon found hard to cope. Seriously, how naive can you get for someone who used to hold a good post as a former civil servant?

That is quite an extreme but the judge did have a point by giving them the advise to live within their means. We all want to be pampered because of the feel good factor that comes with it but it should be a once in a while treat that you treasure simply because there are other things worth doing that do not require you to spend so much. But to me, it's just a matter of maintaining a good reputation and to 'save face'.

Then again, like I said, it's an extreme case but I know there are a lot of cases where people can spend more than they can afford because it's such a cool feeling to whip their credit card out of their wallet. Later when their bills come, it wont be so cool after that and it came to light recently, that there is an increase in the number of people, which is already swelling by the way, who defer their credit card payments and chalk up a high interest in the future. Work so hard and then end up paying banks 'extra' money for what? It's such a waste of money and years spent studying so hard to get to where they are only to have their money rolled to other people.

But it's typically a Singaporean trait by desperately trying to fit in even if it means shovelling their way in by force. Worse, now that they are lowering the amount earned per year to qualify for a credit card, which increases the group of would be customers, I think not just the stock market, the world is gonna crash soon....sigh....

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