Monday, January 05, 2009

A Sad Beginning

My condolences going out to those who died in the fire that took place in a club in Bangkok shortly after midnight on New Year's Day. It was such a scary sight looking at all the wrapped up bodies of locals and foreigners lined up for identification. In Singapore, people may laugh all they want about the stringent rules imposed on the clubs here but where safety is concerned, it is no laughing matter whether it is a foreign threat or a fire hazard. You can never be too careful. Accidents do happen but dont throw logic away when you're having fun. Seriously, fireworks in a closed and crowded premise?!

With the recent happenings overseas especially in neighbouring countries, I think Im much better here. But still, travelling is a must and eventually, I want to see the world. Anyway, when your time is up, it doesnt really matter where and how. But I dont want to die being caught in a life threatening situation whether I am begging for my life or caught in a fire. It's just a very scary way to die.

Whatever it is, to be able to survive from any life threatening situations and be given a second chance to life, suddenly you find yourself there is more meaning to life. It is not the end of the world and you have to keep on moving but moving towards a different light and hopefully to a brighter future and away from the traumatic past. For those survivors, I wish you all the best in rebuilding your life and a speedy recovery.

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