Sunday, June 17, 2018

When Forcing Myself is the Way to Go At Times

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I am on an extended weekend holiday because of Hari Raya and also because I have taken leave for tomorrow. This is a big deal as I seldom take leave from work. Anyway, while I didn't do any major things, this would be the perfect time for me to catch up with my orders of personalised cards. I am trying to clear as many as I can these few days. So while other Muslim counterparts are busy with visiting friends and relatives and entertaining guests as they come, I am busy making stuffs to make money.

It sounds like a sad situation but I don't think so for me. I've learnt from a youtube video that I watched very recently how we have to force ourselves to do things in order to get what we want. It's like those people at the gym. There will be people who have to force themselves to get to the gym (aka me), to give up food that is bad for them and instead, learn to seek or cook healthier alternatives. In terms of business, you force yourself to get out there to be noticed. For my case, it is finding available time to work on my orders as much as I can instead of waiting to the last minute to do and having mini panic attacks on whether I can complete them on time. 

It's really no point to just envision the life that you want, example losing the weight, having a healthier bank balance or doing things that you have put aside for the longest time, if you don't force yourself to take the necessary actions to get things done. Over time, the ideas will die down and you don't feel like acting on them anymore.

I am not sure if you have read my previous posts, but lately I had been in a funk. And this type of situation can happen to even the rich and famous people. You felt like you don't belong as though your heart is tied to an actor. You also feel like you're going down this spiral and then thinking how lousy you are as compared to others who don't seem to have any problems or they're hiding them pretty well. Honestly, it's not easy to just snap out of it. But time can only heal and that it's completely up to you to seek help, find someone to talk to and decide on action plan to make things better for now and for the future.

We are not alone in this journey. Recently, I realised a friend of mine has been very quiet on the social media front and when I asked her, she said it was because she was going through some stuffs. It is okay to actually regroup your thoughts and get away from the noises generated by the social media and then simply take a break while finding your next course of action.

Speaking of future, I am going to start writing on how I envision my life 3 years from now on. I thought that it was a pretty good exercise and it seemed to work for this youtuber who had done this for many years. It helped her to be focus. In life there are many distractions and hurdles but we just have to tell ourselves we can do this. However, while the concept of not giving up is very important, there will be times when it is okay to walk away if it's not helping us at all. Having one door closed will open up another door with who knows, better opportunities.

Life's tough but we are tougher if we have the right mindset to tackle the curveballs life throws at us sometimes :)

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