Sunday, June 03, 2018

The Story of A Birthday Cake

My younger brother is growing up so fast and he is at an age where he is going through different life experiences by entering different stages of life. He is currently in National Service and I remembered two days ago, it was pretty sombre because he was nervous about serving the nation and that he is quite a private person. If he didn't want to share, he wouldn't want to and would just dismiss you off.

This year, time passed by so quickly that he is almost at the tail end of his National Service. And he will soon enter the workforce for real. He did work part time before when he was in school but now would be the real deal.

Every year, our birthday celebration for him would be very simple. It's just a cake and us family celebrating it in our living room followed by cake cutting. But this time, he wanted his cake to be a little special especially when I didn't realise I actually bought the same cake as the previous cake last year, lol. 

Here's a fun fact about me. I hate buying birthday cakes and I hardly EVER buy my own birthday cake. Honestly I don't mind if people buy for me but then again, my family isn't that much into buying birthday cakes as well. I think it's a waste of money because all you're getting is just mostly cream and all that fluff.

Anyway, he is still a young chap and he deserves a cake, although this time he wouldn't want to settle for yet another discounted cake, haha. So with so much hesitation, and his little disappointment that I may end up buying, yes you guessed it..a similar cake that was on discount, I decided to just buy the cake from his recommended shop. Oh my, the price.

Honestly, it was affordable even in my standards actually. Because I see the prices of cakes nowadays, especially those fancy looking ones, they come with a heavy price tag. I know that the bakers took a lot of effort in making them. And they're very instagram friendly. But so sayang, or pitiful, because it's just going to end up being eaten.

Don't pelt me, haha...I love cakes, yes I do. Just don't make me buy those fanciful types of cakes.

So here are the pictures below. It's a really simple celebration as you can tell. But at least he loved the cake this time. I even complained that the big cake box that I had to lug back home was heavy and you know what he said. Oh, he said, it is heavy because it's a high quality cake. Sigh..

Happy birthday to you and you will always be my annoying but lovable one and only younger brother. I hope that you will be more gentlemanly and more respectful towards your elders, included, since I'm 14 years older than you. That's a big age gap but I don't look that old when I'm with him. I guess having a much younger brother keeps me..youthful? Haha..

Anyway, don't waste your youth away and spend your time well and hopefully, you will get to work in a full time job that you like this year.

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