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When You Have to Make Difficult Decisions

Disclaimer: This is a written piece about the relationship of Magnus and Alec aka Malec in Shadowhunters Season 2B Episode 18. If you wish to read, please continue :)

So my heart just broke a million pieces today. I had been looking forward to the last few episodes of the Shadowhunters, and more so for today, because of the Malec heavy scenes. Unfortunately, my heart became heavy as well when I tuned in to Youtube for updates and the second update was about...their breakup..NOOOooOO!!

Technically, we are not too sure if they have broken up because the words were not uttered. Thanks to the manipulative nature of the Seelie Queen 😒, Magnus had to make the difficult decision over his love for a Shadowhunter because now it concerns his people, the group of Downworlders, who over centuries, could not get along with the Shadowhunters and especially the Clave, which is the like the government of the Shadowhunters. Because of a certain mortal instrument, they are now more at loggerheads especially when many of the Downworlders have died due to a rogue Shadowhunter who abused the power of this instrument.

So a war can break out at any time and due to a secret the Clave has been hiding regarding this mortal instrument, and of which Alec, one half of Malec and the love of Magnus, got to find out as the Institute's leader, he had to keep it a secret. Unfortunately Magnus did find out but it wasn't from Alec. It completely jeopardised the trust he had in him and really made him so mad. And this wasn't the first time either that Alec had a trust issue with him.

While the "break up" scene was heartbreaking, it was also the best scene of all the Malec scenes and well executed because of all the 'feels' I get and of course, the music played a part too. I would say the flashbacks were good too and what we were promised for had been delivered, heh. I only had the problem of the show's continuity and there were more than one. I swear he didn't wear a vest when they entered a room in the previous episode where this flashback was from. I know coz just like other fans, we are obsessed over certain scenes replaying like no tomorrow. There's no way we couldn't tell the difference. These flashbacks were aiding Magnus in making the decision about Alec before the rose dies when all the petals drop off and the Saelie Queen's offer of help vanquish.

As much as I am with the Malec fans, not wanting them to break up  go their separate ways, at the back of my mind, I felt that they had to given the impending crisis where a war between them can break out at any time because the tensions are just so tight. Being a leader for their own people, they also need to gain their trust and them being together, raised some doubt about how capable they are as leaders. Also, Alec cannot always expect things to go back to normal just like he thought that they will always find their way back to each other no matter what. Unfortunately for him, and for us too, this time it didn't work as a charm which upset him.

I guess this was what the producers wanted us to know as well that not everything has to be so lovey dovey. Like any relationships, there are ups and downs and difficult decisions to make. Some relationships may need a break for awhile until things get back to normal, but will it also be a case of too little or too late. You never know.

If you have to make a difficult decision in your life, do you follow your heart or your mind?

However, whatever the circumstances may be, when their hearts belong to each other, how long can they stay away from each other. The very same circumstances they are in, can even make their love stronger than ever before. We were promised that they will fight together during the impending attack. But will they eventually be together again.

I think the answer is yes (coz I did read the book..heh) but this is a TV show and as much as they follow the gist of the books, they write fresh storylines every episode so while they did break up and got back together in the books, I'm not sure how they're getting back again, if they ever will. But I just know they will and I refuse to think they're gone for good.

That's the thing we Malec fans tell ourselves to keep us er..in high spirits after the seriously tear jerking separation scene especially when we have two more episodes to go. And in the Comic Con trailer, Magnus was seen fighting a flying Demon while Alec was running towards him. But that was them during the showdown.

I just hope they don't drag it to Season 3 because that will be far too long for us to know if they ever get back together. Because for all we know, they better not eff up this relationship, haha. To many of us, Malec is life.

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