Saturday, August 05, 2017

Indie Music that Brought Out the Feels in You

I am still not over the power couple on Shadowhunters separating but well, they will eventually get back together. I just know it. Anyway, I shall not be too obsessed over it. I just loved how they tied the memories back to the present times in through flashbacks. We were given the summary how Alec, the always uptight one, began to slowly open up his heart to Magnus even though he was still wary and unsure, and eventually giving in to his feelings on his wedding day no less, despite their different backgrounds. Also, the flashbacks would also make you realise how they were just meant to be with each other like soul mates :) That's why we were not happy with the break up, though it was necessary at that point of time.

I mean come on, who wouldn't be attracted to the charming and powerful warlock. And then pair him with a pretty face....argh, come on! Alec had also received backlash from his mum but he had always stood firm against her. She eventually realised came to accept that he was merely fighting for his right to love.

So now you know why there's legions of Malec fans, lol.

Anyway like I said, they may get back together in an  unlikely situation, where they come together to fight against the hordes of demons released from hell in the season finale. Until then, they remain separated to prevent the war between the worlds they are in. 

But those flashbacks and the 'break up scene' brought out so much feels thanks to the music as well. The music was so haunting and truly tugged your heartstrings like the producers purposely want to make you bawl your eyes out and to shout 'why must this be happening?!!' So if you wanna be spared from another round of Despacito or any Bieber songs, I recommend checking these songs out from you tube. 

You can download these songs from iTunes or Spotify. Thanks to popular TV shows, these Indie music are getting more and more recognition because of how they resonated with certain powerful scenes and couples.

You're welcome :)

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