My Strong by Zumba Routine & The Fight Against Diabetes

I've talked about Strong by Zumba workouts before. Nowadays I can do a Strong by Zumba workout without feeling like dying midway, lols. Those jumping jacks, burpees, push ups..*groans* but now they're awesome (ok, not so much the push ups) because after that, you feel so good, provided you follow through the movements and push the tiredness away. In between, there will be mini breaks so you recharge a bit before going into full swing again. Yesterday, for the first friend joined in because her yoga class was not organised due to not able to secure the venue. So yay, company for two weeks!

So now I have also been working out at home last couple of weeks by watching a few Strong by Zumba related videos. They can't post the whole thing but there are definitely videos that can make you work out bucket loads of sweat. So if you're shy but still want to work out, home workouts are actually good for you too in the privacy of your home.

Of course you can still consider the public place workouts. Though I have been going to the gym every week for years, I think I'm still missing something. I've been at this since April but only started being consistent in June by going every week (despite the dying feeling) and then at first, yes it was intimidating especially when alone but half way through you will notice people don't really care. They are more concerned about getting the steps right. And not banging to the person next to them or behind them, heh. 

We are all not super fit looking as well. Very few of them do but then again, these mall and fitness workouts are freeee so like what my friend said, why not. Do you know how much these costs when you sign up for the regular classes? I actually don't know if HPB organising these workouts in public places kill such businesses but oh well. It's just these fitness businesses have to be creative in offering more to their customers, not the usual what we can get from these free events. 

Sometimes I see the usual people because I only ever go to two locations because I finish work at 6pm and then these workouts mostly start at 6.30pm except for the Plaza Sing one at Dhoby Ghaut which starts at 6.45pm and considered pretty near. And they don't pressurise u to do the movement right and in fact they encourage you to do it at your pace or where you're comfortable such as not doing the lunge or squat all the way. Because this is catered for people of all fitness levels and as long as you follow their movements, you're all good.

I applaud the government's effort in encouraging fellow Singaporeans to eat right and keep fit. The Prime Minister even included the fight against diabetes in his National Day speech. Step by step, we can make efforts to cut down on sugar, increase our fitness level and eat healthier food choices. It's not impossible. But we are easily swayed by creative food choices such as Nasi Lemak seafood themed dishes.

So they make money from us and then in turn, what do we gain. It's not wrong to indulge once in awhile but I know of people who eat whatever they fancy on a daily basis, even if they know it's not good for them. One thing, they don't care because they can always eat their prescribed medicine and they never seem to get fat. I have one such colleague like that and it's scary seeing how many times and how much she eat, before, during and after lunch at work, haha..but she prides on not getting fat. Okay good for them. Like what I always tell myself, we have to take care of our body, inside and out. We can look good on the outside but inside can be such a mess.

I know we can't predict life and that life is short, so just enjoy ourselves by eating all these rich and good food because we only live once. That's just a selfish thought. If you care about your family and your future, you will make the effort to eat and live well in life. So sh*t happens sometimes, even to the best of us. But it doesn't mean we should be vulnerable and give in easily to temptations and give up totally in leading a healthier lifestyle.

So enough rant about this. If I can make one person at least to change for the better and be healthier, it makes me happy already. I don't like to preach on others why this is bad or good for you. If they are motivated to join such classes or choose healthier food options thanks to me, then good for them. Like my friend, when I heard she goes for these free Zumba classes, I became interested and she sent me the link to sign up. Just like everything else, the first time will be nerve wrecking. But once you're in the groove, you know that you are making this decision for your own benefit. 

Below are some videos from You Tube on Strong by Zumba that are on my playlist for workouts. Okay they may look intimidating but trust me, over a short period of time, you can get hooked on them, especially when they work out to such sick beat :))

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