Coping with New Workplace Demands and Getting My Life Together

Hey, I'm back!! I'm trying to get my life together because I have been so busy and tired having to deal with new waking hours, new work culture and new job scope. Yes, I actually started my work at a new posting in HQ and it's been nothing but work all the way as I try to learn as much as I can from my colleague who is going to retire. Honestly this will be a very busy period for us as each cluster will submit their budget proposal and my job is to download the fund to them based on the proposal. However it's easier said than done and there's many steps involved which requires checking whether the account has existed and if not, to create those that are new, so that I am able to transfer the budget.

There are times when I thought about why do I even get involved in this. Like my mum said, I used to deal with just one school and now I have to deal with multiple schools. But I require new challenges and once you have reached a point that you feel you are not moving or progressing, you're not going to enjoy your work very much. Also, it's difficult too when people get too reliant on you. 

But honestly, I learnt a lot from my previous workplace. I felt that this was where I was groomed the most. It's also up to you whether you want to learn or you don't want to learn. Some people are like, this is not my job, so why should I learn or they're giving the excuse they're too busy or it's too hard. I've learnt from the start to help people when they require help and in a way, I help myself too as I pick up new skills. You can always go back to your job later on, I mean work will never be finished when you're working in office anyway. Once you're done with job A, job B will come in. I mean that's what you're being paid for as well too. Not paid for shaking legs, haha.

I guess many people are also in a way thankful for my help judging from the number of farewell gifts I received, haha. Life is soooo crazy that I only have the time to unwrap the gifts and store them away last Sunday. Even then I still managed to catch up with my old friends last Saturday, first at her condo, and then at a nearby shopping mall, to celebrate the birthday of my friend's son. 

So how am I coping with the work here? I don't regret coming here and at first I felt a tinge of loneliness and although I have not completely overcome it, I just keep myself busy with work. Lunch time, I usually lunch in because I don't really have friends to go out with. At the same time, it's also good in a way I don't have lunch buddies because it will be hard for me to spend so much on food. It's not like I'm holding a managerial post which pay more so I can afford on more expensive lunch. I try to keep it at $2 plus and it will be better if I can lower it further but I will work on it. It's already good enough because unlike in school, I'm surrounded by places to eat like the nearby shopping mall. So the tendency to spend at least $4.00 on lunch is highly likely. 

I have to eat anyway because I hate it when my stomach grumbles when my colleague is trying to teach me something, lol. Good thing there's free supplies of biscuits and milo packs so I can also have something to eat when the hunger pang strikes. I usually just eat one biscuit from a pack and top up water unless I'm seriously hungry and eating one is still like eating air like that, haha.

Transport wise, yah this is also something I have to grapple with. The whole train and bus journey costs $1.45 each day and I try to cut the costs down by relying on transfer rebate because I always have to buy groceries when I get home from work. So if I can keep it to the window period of 45 minutes, I don't have to pay the full price of 70 over cents when I go back home.

Either way, lunch and transport money will sure go up so I have to work harder and smarter in managing my money and also making money to be able to sustain. So even if I have to wake up even earlier to complete my online shop orders in time before getting ready for work, so be it. Although recently I have to make multiple trips to the craft stores to buy my supplies, I also try to keep it lean although I do make one or two mistakes in my purchases. Like I try to think carefully what I should buy or whether I should buy what I was holding on to by analysing how many projects can be used with it, just because I like a few things from the sticker sheet, it's quite hard to let go, lol.

Okay, gotta sleep now and I hope I will be able to make more progress in terms of getting my life together again and staying on top of the game in terms my new work.

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