Sunday, February 26, 2017

10 Quirky Things About Me

I haven't been writing recently but that is about to change, I promise! My life was all over the place trying to cope with the new changes and demands recently but it is starting to fall into place. So I thought why not make it a little interesting with some quick info about me here. Ok, disclaimer, my life isn't as fantastic as most social media people but oh well, they are still quirks or facts about me, whether you like it or not, haha.

Here you go, 10 things about me list.

1. I am into the the Shadowhunters series. They are human-angel  hybrids bent on killing the demons while being loggerheads with people not of their kind, mainly the downworlders like vampires and warlocks. The time I got the books from the young adult fiction section, I felt like a hundred pair of eyes were looking at this old lady browsing through the section to find the book. If you read the books, yes I'm a Malec fan. 

I also follow the tv series currently showing in America, and they're both a league of their own although since it's based on the books, they do take some critical elements that make fans go crazy. I am also a fan of Magnus (one half of the Malec) not because he is in a relationship with a male Shadowhunter, but he's such an endearing and colourful character having lived through the centuries and being involved in many adventures and misadventures, despite having a dark background where his father is a Greater Demon and Prince of Hell. 

2. I like to watch make up youtube and despite watching many makeup tutorials, mine always look like some kid applied make up on my face. But despite my non talent in this, somehow I will always spare a bit of time on make up before work, so that I look made up. Never mind two hours later, I will look like a mess again.

3. The only places I shop for things is at Papermarket and Made with Love. They are both craft stores with their own specialties despite selling mainly the same things, imported from overseas. Honestly, they're not cheap but I try to keep it lean. I use their supplies to make my crafts which I then sell so I kinda recuperate back some money as well. This lead me to the next thing.

4. I run two online shops selling handmade papercrafts and as much as I know makeup stuffs, I also know what's new in the papercrafting world as well, but for both, I only follow what interests me.

5. I dislike spending money on food coz they can be so ex if you add it all up but now that I am working at a place where the people mostly buy food for lunch, I cannot be a hermit. But I also have to keep it lean. I try not to spend beyond $2.50 on some days. Speaking of food..

6. I like western, korean and japanese food (but no sashimi or tuna belly for me, please..let's keep it real but not so real). I know I am Malay and Malay food can be delish as well but they can be pretty unhealthy. 

7. Guys who look like geeks with their specs but have sculpted biceps, is a physical attraction for me. Don't ask me why. Currently there's one such guy at gym and I cannot. I really cannot. But I'm not one who like every single person like that. I like those with a quiet demeanour and not like showy off types. 

8. I suck at conversation with guys. I know most girls talk to guys like they're such good friends. Mild flirting is sometimes included, which I could tell when they converse. So there is no way you will see me talking to that guy or whichever guys at the gym every Sunday. Or anywhere else for that matter.

9. I wake up almost two hours or even 3 hours earlier every weekday before work to make customised orders. I do sometimes wish I could sleep longer but time passes by quite quickly actually. I know that life begins when at the break of dawn, I can hear people taking the bus and tapping their ez link cards.

10. As much as I love cats, I cannot go beyond touching their fur, gently of course, after one time a siao or crazy cat grabbed my wrist with extended claws leaving deep scars. I love those fat rotund ones though. As long as they don't scratch.

I know it's quite boring but I tried to make it a little interesting as well, haha. Thanks for reading..and surviving through!

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