A Trip to Sentosa for the 12 Zodiacs Light Exhibition

When I was in primary school, I remembered taking the ferry to Sentosa. It was after the PSLE and went on this excursion. If you had been to Sentosa back in the days, you would remember the iconic terminal. Now we can even walk to Sentosa via the boardwalk and it's free. I'm not sure for how long so while it's still free, why not just walk. You can take the lrt train and pay, I think $3.00, or take the bus down from Vivocity, but best is to walk. And you get to stop and take a picture like this one below.

Or on the travellator, lol.

Once inside, you still have to walk to get to the exhibition area but we took a bus down the beach from the terminal first.  Before we viewed the various zodiac exhibitions that looked like oversized Chinese lanterns, were greeted by these pretty dangling stars. Well, it's quite a money saver, combining it with the upcoming Valentine's Day.

The lantern displays (I shall call them that) looked really nice against the dark skies and of course, no touching allowed and there were barricades around them. Good for people like me with itchy hands, lol.

Family of cows..or maybe they're not, I'm not sure

The iconic dragon zodiac

I was born in the year of the rooster. My family may drive me nuts but I still love them :)

We got hungry pretty fast and we already planned on going to Marry Brown fast food restaurant from Malaysia. The prices are reasonable and if you're used to going to McDonald's, it's just next door. Frankly, save your money. They jacked up the price like nobody's business. Still can't get over the fact, a chococone is around $2 plus. O M geeness.

Do you know that there are several Merlion? One of them is in Sentosa. On this day, it became the backdrop to a light show.

A wefie is a must, no matter the light situation

Rows and rows of lanterns.
Overall, I like how Sentosa has this yearly event where you actually have a reason to come down to see and not having to spend so much money. Honestly over the years, it kinda lost its spark, except for the Universal World, which I die die must come back and finish the rides, haha. It is still a nice place to go with the family and just perhaps, chill on the beach like how my friends and I used to do in the past. Those were the days. Now we just do pot luck at her new condo, haha. Talk about saving money.

Hope you like this post and thanks for coming!

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