Experience at the McDonald's Marine Cove

Last week, we went to the noisiest and most unruly McDonald's in Singapore. It's the one at Marine Cove located at the East Coast Park. Even when we were entering the doors, we were blocked by some two or three kids playing on their scooters and they were not giving way because they were playing right there. We could have pushed the door and then they fall or we just have to wait until they move away. We did manage to enter even while they were still on the bikes and playing as we tried to open the glass door carefully and not tripping ourselves.

That's a no no already.

It was so crowded that we actually have a bit of difficulty finding seat but since it was only two of us, I saw these two seats at a corner and we managed to snap it up. But those with larger number of people may have to wait. And looking around, I doubt they were going to leave that easily because it was at the beach and they looked like they were chilling in the aircon so there.

Not only was it crowded, it was SUPER noisy. 

The queue for the food was also very long and there were inconsiderate people who didn't wait around for their food even though it was a self service counter. 

Did I mention kids were running everywhere..argh..nightmare, especially when you carry food and drinks.

When we went to the dessert kiosk outside to buy ice cream, we didn't go back in, lol. We just tried to find space outside and thankfully, we managed to find one with uncleared food waste. Then we went to the Coffee Bean and sat outside. The small toddler was playing with her chair when she got down and at one point, pushed the chair right up to mine as I was sitting near her and left the chair at it, at my arm rest. I mean she's a small kid and she just looked at me like oops..but she didn't pull it back which was fine. But the MOTHER  just let the chair in that same position where it hit my arm instead of pushing it back forward. So I was stuck that with that chair against mine. If I were to push it away, I would think she thought I was offended by it. She's just assuming heck, I should KNOW she's just a kid. In the end, my brother pushed it away a bit coz it was too distracting for him, for that chair to be stuck to mine.


Sometimes, I don't know what goes on people's mind like a simple excuse me or sorry..and says or does things as though I owe them something. To them, children are just children you know, just let them run around crazy, knocking into people's drink (it did happen in that same McDonald's) and shrug it off like it never happened.

And then when teachers disciplined their children in school when they are misbehaving, it's the teacher's fault for not looking after them properly. That or in their eyes, their children will NEVER do such things and even if they did, it's because they were forced into doing such.

Come on people, be more civic minded please. We lived in a fast paced society but doesn't mean we should also 'cut short' our mannerism.

For me, I don't wish to go that McDonald's anymore. They have plenty of other outlets and I don't care if they have their own specialty make your own salad or dessert bar. I'd rather go other place, thank you very much.

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