Tuesday, October 18, 2016

ArchiFest Exhibition 2016

Last September, my brother and I checked out this makeshift exhibition pavilion called the Archifest. Who would have thought of setting up this exhibition right outside the Raffles Place MRT station, where despite the high foot traffic as it's in the CBD (Central Business District) area, I still think it was quite an interesting choice of location. Anyway, when we entered the pavilion, which looked like one where you entered a pasar malam or night market, we were greeted with few but very interesting and colourful exhibits.

The first thing we saw were hammocks where people were lying down and basically just chilling while kids were just having fun playing with them. We didn't sit on one and for me, basically coz I don't want to break the thing, lol.

So we moved on and saw various exhibits that were definitely instagram worthy, as you can see from the pictures below. But who would have thought that they were actually recycled like the clappers that you may see people using if you ever go the National Day celebration or watch it on tv. The other one that I liked and took a mini video of, is the smiley face emoji that is actually an inflatable balloon and it was hooked up to a few hand held pumps. Even though it was already inflated, people were actually still using the pumps to inflate it. 

Did I tell you it was so darn cute.

Next to it, were rows of some shiny materials that were hung up like a curtain. I guess they were also made from some recycled materials although I didn't quite take a look what the exhibit was about. The smiley face emoji was too distracting, heh.

There was a private event going on as well in another corner and if not for the event, we probably would have seen more exhibits. As my brother and I wanted to spend as little as possible (The Archifest was free by the way), we chilled out in Starbucks at Fullerton sharing a medium sized drink and a cookie, coz I can't go without cookie if we ever go Starbucks or Coffee Bean. I mean, come on, cookie and some hot drink, actually doesn't matter hot or cold. I just like cookies :)

So that was our little adventure and our spent as little as possible Saturdate, hehe. As my brother is serving his National Service, Saturday is his designated day to go out and chill but without spending too much. Especially with a sister who often finds herself broke nowadays, sigh.

I hope the pictures below from the exhibit inspire you to think creatively out of the box.

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