Saturday, January 26, 2013

Hazy Start to 2013

Hey hey,

I am back in the blogging world! My laptop totally couldn't start for the longest time ever and then I fell sick like it's some sort of tradition for me to be sick around this time specifically the tummy area. Welcome 2013! Anyway, my aim this year is to blog more often sort of like an update on what is going on in my life so when I look back many years down the road, I have a recollection of what I have achieved, the ups and the downs and whatever else life throws in my way.

I am also going to make this a sharing place for anyone who happens to drop by with interesting posts that others can learn from. Plus it's a good excuse for me to write more stuffs too :P

So I still owe that post before my laptop died on me by sharing what 2012 means to me.  I will get it done in the morning later. Honestly, 2013 is still a bit hazy for me. Financially, I have yet to reach a point where I'm struggling yet and I hope to continue this way with better financial control. I am also trying to sort out my debts which I have been doing bit by bit. I haven't really accomplish much yet although yes it's still a bit early to tell. I still want to become a better and accomplished person. I know it is possible if only I put my heart and soul into it. Right now, the body doesn't respond very well yet as after I surf net on the laptop, I actually went straight to napping followed by full on sleep mode. But the last couple of days, I have tried to stay up (hence this post at 4.40am in the superbly early morning) to get in the 'mood' of not continuing my nap. Then I thought why not do a blog post since it has been the longest time ever although my last post was less than a month ago.

I will get straight on with using my new notebook to write stuffs that I hope can make my life more progressive so that it doesn't look like I'm wasting minutes or even seconds of my life. 

So who's with me? :)

I make support me!

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