Work & Economy Woes

I've been bogged down with work recently because I am rushing to make payments and process personal claims. Ain't easy and I had to return to work even on Saturdays to get the ball rolling on some work before it starts to accumulate as I also anticipate even more work coming in. Shudders :s

But I take it all in my stride because it is part of work. I used to complain about having little work to do especially when my ex colleague was around and she was a control freak. Although now it seems that I have too much work, haha. Oh well. Just have to be fast like some robot.

I guess that is why there are some people who are willing to leave cushy jobs with such a good pay because of too much work pressure and never ending deadlines. Some also don't even mind taking a paycut just to do something they like and truly enjoy.

For me of course I can't afford to be in such a situation although I do still hold on to my dream of having an online store selling my own handmade accessories. It is just that I have problems managing my time to incorporate this into my lifestyle. But then again, if there are others who have a full time job and run such business, then I guess it is just a matter of whether I have the passion for it or not.

Enough about work. I can't wait for payday. I know I mentioned this before in my earlier post but the anticipation is killing me, haha. I honestly don't know how much I will be getting but pretty soon I guess. You know I've always admired those who have an ipad 2 or the samsung galaxy tab like I also want one. Such an interesting device to have. Just yesterday I was toying with the idea of actually getting an ipod touch for games and for surfing using wifi connection. I can hardly surf the internet on this low end blackberry but of coz I try not to do it too much or I will incur unnecessary charges. But having so much difficulty just to open a link? Too much, I say.

Thinking twice, or thrice even, I believe the best is to just ensure that I have reserves. Economy isn't doing so well and prices are increasing. There is no way I can survive without such a reserve. So I guess no choice lah. Once I have some form of reserves, then I see if I can get an ipod touch ;)

I admire those people who are selfless and who actually spare a thought to those people in need rather than just spending on luxury items for themselves or their family members. Kids these days get to have such hi tech gizmos that people like me have to write a blog post just to justify whether they should get an ipod touch that cost just SGD 288 haha.

But I feel that families that can afford should teach their children from young to care for the needy. I work in a school environment and it is appalling hearing how some children are simply so rude and demanding towards their family to get what they want. I recently read the news about a Singaporean woman who donated 70K to the people in Ethiopia so that they can have a hospital that has basic medical supplies to treat the sick.

Although not many of us can afford to donate such a large amount, but it is the small little ways that we can contribute that will make a huge difference. I also read about those stories about families who are not well to do but they still help out ways that they can towards others in even more dire situations than them. I absolutely salute such people. They themselves need help but they feel that as long as they can support themselves, they don't wish to receive financial help. They want to be independent.

Money is never enough even for the rich. They just want to make more and more and for what, I also don't know. Life isn't just about making money. It is about living a good quality life for ourselves and making the society a better place to live in.

Ok ok I shan't torture you with my ramblings any further. Just think about it. Selflessness can go a long way surpassing the value of money and hi tech gizmos.
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