Not So Private at Home

My cousin has been staying with me for almost two weeks. It was supposed to be for a day or two but my aunt fell ill and we had to send her to hospital. So now my mum is her like her temporary caretaker. Her dad is working and she doesn't want to be looked after by her other elder aunt whom she has been staying with the family before they came over to our house. So currently my mum is super busy because not only does she has to attend to both our needs, which is me and my brother, but now also my cousin and in between also has to go visit her sister who is my cousin's mother. The frustrating thing about all of this is my cousin isn't really easy to take care of but now she is getting used to it and sees my mother as someone who is strict yet loving at the same time. Although with us she used to be more strict than loving, haha. I guess it is just her way of instilling discipline since young. 

 Children tend to learn from the adults they interact with and my cousin grew up with a pair of parents who are hot headed and always quarreling with each other although they still pamper her. However, I think they pampered her too much that she tends to get her way. But with my mum, she has to get used to the strict disciplinarian in her. Somehow like my aunt, she is very adaptive though yes, it's also frustrating when she's being quite a brat initially. 

Of course we value our privacy at home and then now that my aunt is going to be discharged soon, she would rather stay at my house temporarily. She also has her antics which add on to my mum's stress level though I must admit that she is coping well. At least on my side and my brother's, we are not as demanding and like whatever you want to do and as appropriate. 

But we can't do much now except to hope that this temporary set up will be over soon. You know I always believe that you shouldn't trouble other people with your own personal dilemmas and for my aunt, her family dramas whether with her husband or with her extended family. She just reads too much into people's well intentions and then also tend to blow up small matters with her explosive nature. Come on, she even finds fault with the doctors and nurses at the hospital she is in. I don't know why she has such an angry and disruptive nature. My mum says that some of her siblings take over the trait from my late grandfather who liked to talk 'big' and get angry easily.  

Because of this too, sometimes I feel the stress too as I listen to my mum talk about my aunt over and over again. It is just too clearly frustrating but I am thankful that I have the patience of my father though of course, my patience has its limits.

So while I'm hoping for things to be back to normal, I on the other hand, has FINALLY received my year end bonus :) The news about the up and coming economic bleakness is all over and uhm I have to protect my ass again before I ruin this whole 'I am rich' moment with my financial downfall again. I have paid my outstanding dues and also got the things on my wish list which frankly speaking isn't extensive. I just bought some make up for $47 online, new clothes from H&M and finally had that all day breakfast meal from Coffee Bean. Now I just want to buy a pair of sandals coz mine are just freaking worn out ever since I bought them in March. I didn't even buy a Guess wallet, a bag or shoes like every freaking year. Cutting down on bonus expenses this year.

Oh, I also had a meal at Fish & Co. I was supposed to eat at Manhattan Fish Market with my brother but the queue was so long and that my mum was getting frustrated trying to find a shop in a shopping mall nearby our home that we had to forgo our dinner there. My brother was so upset but somehow he got over it when he ate at Fish & Co. He was angry though initially coz he said that we would have eaten there if my mum wasn't so bothered about finding some new outfit for my cousin. She said that my aunt kept asking her to buy this and that, wash her clothes from hospital and gosh my aunt can be so irritating. When you are in a hospital, just behave like you are in hospital. 

Anyway, in just one day I spent $300 but nevertheless, I am still satisfied. I still have loads left but I am just stashing the balance away.  Pray hard that nothing comes up and demands a lot of money. I also need to stash it for the KL trip and buy some gifts for my two girlfriends for our year end Christmas celebration. End of the year, we will get our maintenance allowance and I really hope that things don't turn for the worse like the one in October. Goodness, it was such a stressful period when there was a delay in giving our allowance. I had seeked reimbursement end of last month but I haven't received it yet and I pray it won't clash with the date of set allowance or we are back to square one again.

I am having some problems with the text while typing this blog post out and I don't know how, the text always appear so big and I had to keep changing the text size.

I shall end here. So if you are one of those who have received your year end bonus or is receiving soon, spend wisely. Enjoy yourself but also spare some money for reserves.

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