Blessed with Make Up Goodies

I am having some problem typing this out because the cursor appears double but I guess it will fade..later? Anyway, I feel quite bad that I haven't been blogging because it is quite a mad rush to get to the laptop when my cousin was here. Nevertheless, will try to make up for it.

Oh! I've always wanted to win some make up this year because I didn't want to always indulge in buying a new one and  also because I don't have those branded make up and always have to rely on drugstore brands. Then of course, there is the matter of financial needs where make up is not a necessity but I am a girl and I just love how make up can truly enhance your looks.

But I have been blessed :) Now I don't celebrate Christmas because well, I am a muslim but then we just adapt the gift receiving part or rather, making someone happy with the joy of giving provided of course it is something that is nice and not because you are trying to get rid of the item, haha.

Anyway, I go this as a Christmas present..

Clinique superfit make up and make up palette..i like! I got it from my work colleague who has been so nice to me and is a gem to work with. Sometimes I ponder if I am ever able to venture out from there and work somewhere else, haha. But in life, one has to move on and find new experience. It is a matter of when to find that time and when you are ready.

Her daughter works in Clinique and that time I asked if I could order an item from her through her daughter and she said can. But I could only think  of one item which is practical enough as I use it for my facial cleansing and I've run out of it. I wanted to get the highly raved bobbi brown gel eyeliner but when I searched the net, found out that it was $40. Er...I think that $40 can go towards other expense. 

I felt quite bad that despite her getting such neat items for me, including the trial size superfit make up (by the way she also gave me other clinique products including one full size facial soap bar) which I've always wanted to buy, I only got one item. I just am trying to resolve in spending less on make up items right after buying a few items with my bonus. Inflation rate is increasing and one neeods to be careful on their spending. But it doesn't mean that we should forsake our beauty routine. We should aim to still look good to give us that bit of confidence boost and a good make up (I don't mean those super thick ones) can help us achieve that. Plus you don't need to spend a lot of moolah on it if you can find just as good alternatives.

While you know I will not splurge on expensive make up items if I can find good drug store alternatives, I can't argue with the quality of the more branded ones. That is why I am super stoked that not only did I get that Clinique make u palette, I won something make up related :)

Anna Sui Queen of the Night Eye Colour Palette & Lip Gloss Set

I got the email when I was checking my bb on Christmas morning and was in disbelief when I saw the subject line because I never thought I could win something. I took part mainly because it is easy to take part in it. Normally when they asked us to write some reason or answer their question with our own answer, I'm like..eurgh..too lazy to think of one. But this time round, I thought why not since I do have the answer to their question and the prizes are not bad. I actually wanted the lancome eyeshadow palette but still,  I am thankful.

So while this year has been quite a bad year for me when it comes to finances and my health, I mustn't let it dampen my spirits for a better year in 2012. Therefore I am very appreciative of little things like this that make me happy :) and forget for awhile about the negative aspects in life.

If you celebrate Christmas, may you enjoy yourself during this festive occasion and be good to your family.

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