Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Ringing in 2018 in the Rain

We rang in 2018 with umbrellas in hand and the rain getting heavier as the midnight was fast approaching. For about two hours we were watching, we were engrossed in watching the free movie screening of Wonder Woman. Yes, in the rain as well. At first it was pretty bearable and there were people sitting at the lawn with makeshift picnic mats but the rain soon turned to a downpour and they were forced to leave. Well except these two girls who were sitting on leg less chairs propped up on a mat and sheltering themselves with umbrellas. Behind us was the fountain and they were still people sitting on the ledge in the rain. We were sitting on the small steps, not wanting to move despite the heavy rain as we thought we got the perfect spot to watch the fireworks later without the crowds. 

I think everybody wanted to know how the movie ended, lol. 

Before that we were watching a group of people exercising to Kickboxing in front of the National Gallery. It was fun looking at them though I did wish I could join in. There were also those unofficial participants, lol. But they were having fun as well. I mean come on, it was New Years Eve. One of the instructors taught Strong by Zumba which I attend on alternate weeks every month at Plaza Singapura. I was excited by that and sent a picture of him to my friend who dubbed him Mr Muscles for obvious reasons. 

There were several stalls selling food as well.  But we bought this one lonely satay hotdog from the Twilight Fest at Suntec City which we didn’t get to eat coz of the rain. I mean we wouldn’t want to eat a wet dog right. 

We had also gone to the Fullerton Hotel where there was a light show followed by the hourly fireworks which went on display right after the show. The fun part was that we got to walk on the roads that were cordoned off including the Anderson  Bridge which would provide a cool backdrop for photo taking. 

Then it was time to usher in the new year. This happened to be where Wonder Woman was fighting her epic battle with Ares God of War whom she had been trying to track down. Also Steve, her love interest, was in the midst of kamikaze to save the day and the world. That was how I got distracted and then the countdown wasn’t audible because we were far from the centre of the crowd. I only knew the clock striked 12 when the fireworks started and this time it was bigger and better. 

And yet again I was distracted by the battle. Like come on the screen was literally beside me, lol. But I didn’t come all the way not to watch the fireworks live despite the heavy rain. I could just return home you know and ssave all the trouble. 

Going home was a little of a nightmare as usual because we missed the bus that could have taken us home without walking long distance. So there we were all cold, wet and hungry walking in the rain when we had to take another bus service that stopped further. We should have been more conscious of the timing. And this didn’t happen for the first time either, haha. When will we ever learn. But it seemed that my brother might not be interested anymore in going out for the next countdown. 

Yay. Hello, bed. 

Wishing you all a good year ahead with lotsa love and positivity. Sure things may not go as planned all the time but sometimes it's for the better. Also, have trust that when you are more dedicated in achieving life's accomplishment. Take pride in the things that you do and even it may seem hard at first, take a break and get back into the groove but never see yourself as a failure.

Here are the pics from that night!

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