Sunday, December 31, 2017

Annual Dinner at Seoul Garden & Christmas Walkabout 2017

Last week, my brother and I went for our annual dinner at Seoul Garden. We started this tradition some 5 years ago, or even more..can't remember, where we both enjoyed sumptuous buffet spread of marinated meat, seafood, cooked finger foods, desserts and of course, ice cream. Each table had a grill and soup warmer so I was tasked, what was new, to grill the meat. I'm no cook but this made me feel like I was one, hehe. My brother went a little cray cray with the fried chicken drumlets because it was delish. Plus he didn't have to wait for long since he was already hungry.

We didn't take the seafood, though previous years, I did take prawns and we certainly didn't take the fish, lol. We were not fans but we went multiple rounds to take the meat, mostly chicken meat, marinated in different sauces. My brother had a little disaster with scrambled eggs when he tried to pour it over the grill and then the liquid seeped through the holes of the grill to under its metal plate. I also cooked noodles, cracked eggs, put in some ingredients like hotdogs and fishballs into the ginseng soup, which I likened to traditional Malay dish called Mee Soto. Since it was the Christmas season, there was bacon too and we also went several rounds to take the bacon pieces, lol..and oh m gee, grilled bacons taste so good.

The only disappointment was that there were no cakes but moshi instead, some soft and chewy Japanese savoury with feelings. We had ice cream which we generously took several scoops in different flavours and I made my own bingsu, which was shaved ice with some chewy ingredients for ice kachang and topped with a dollop of ice cream. Written like some true food blogger.

After our dinner, we took a bus down to Dhoby Ghaut and began our Christmas walkabout. During this month, Orchard Road streets would be decorated with many Christmas decorations that visitors could take plenty of photos of. Some malls had done the decorations in different themes and one of them had it done in a Stars Wars theme to also promote the latest movie instalment. We didn't manage to take photos of all of them as some were pretty popular with the visitors. I don't know how many photos we had photo bombed because it was quite impossible to walk as every inch we walked, there would be people taking photos.

There was also performances by buskers  who were entertaining the visitors with singing and magic performances. We stopped by a 'village' set up at Takashimaya where there was a mini Christmas fair and there was also performances and food carts. We later proceeded on with our last leg of Christmas walkabout. Unfortunately, by the time we reached Ion Orchard, they had turned off the lights. So we had to come back another time, which we did last Friday, so that we could finally write this blog post end our 2017 Christmas Walkabout. 

This wasn't planned but when we entered Ion Orchard, there was a MAJOR sales going on at Sephora and oh boy, the prices were slashed to even up to 50%!! I don't know but this was like way better than their 20% sales, haha. I could not resist taking a few items though I didn't think I needed another bronzer and highlighter, until this salesperson was promoting this Too Faced beauty package consisting of the eyeshadow palette, a diary, lipstick and mascara. And it's 50% off!!! How could I not, especially when there was only one box left with my name written all over it, lol. So from $89, it was slashed down to $44 plus with ALL of those products mentioned.

I did have my moment of hesitation but usually every bonus, I would go Sephora shopping for the more expensive items and I had not for this year. 

We wanted to go to Coffee Bean to just chill a little while but I guess coz it was raining, the place was crowded, so we went home instead as it was also getting late.

So here are the photos from that day!

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