Sunday, October 01, 2017

The Sentosa Sandsation Exhibition 2017

A few weeks ago, we visited Sentosa after quite awhile and mind you this was pretty late like we reached around 8.10pm. We actually took an SBS bus starting from outside Tiong Bahru MRT. It was a new service introduced by SBS Transit and if you're in Orchard Road area and feel like the night is still young, provided it's not very late, you can just board this bus and be in a journey right to Sentosa.

So the bus went around the Tiong Bahru estate which wasn't that long and actually Tiong Bahru is actually quite near Harbourfront. So once it had passed through the housing estates, it then embarked on a journey through the Sentosa gate and then made its way to the basement of the Resorts World Sentosa.

This was where the journey felt pretty long. It consisted of complicated and narrow small roads which the poor driver had to navigate through as certain roads were demarcated for certain vehicle uses. We just had to trust with the driver's expertise to not make the wrong turn through the maze. Thankfully, when we went back, we didn't have to go through the winding narrow roads. Why they didn't do this at first, lol.

So after what seems like forever, it finally came out and the bus made its way to the bus station. And here we were getting worried if we would miss the exhibition because we still had to walk our way there. And oh boy, what a walk it was and turned out to be right at the end of the beach, lol.

But it was breezy as it was 8 plus at night except that we were getting more worried that we could not reach in time as it would close at 9pm. But we persevered and managed to reach by 8.30pm.

We were greeted by large sand sculptures and I couldn't help but wonder how long each sculpture took. They might have used various tools, lots of sand and water and also, lots of imagination. After all their handwork, because they were made of sand, these were not permanent and I'm not sure if their hearts will ache once these masterpieces were destroyed. There were quite a lot of them and the ones that were showcased in front were of a local theme before the second half of the area where the sculptures were done by foreign artists.

Honestly I could relate with some of the sand sculptures, haha..especially with the packed train scene.

We managed to finish looking at all the sculptures in time before they announced they were closing.

Below are some of the pics from the Sentosa Sandsation. Enjoy!

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