Saturday, October 07, 2017

I Tried a New Fitness Class...Piloxing!

I ended my Zumba class the week before on Thursday. Actually I wasn't feeling so well, think I was starting to develop flu and cough, perhaps a little fever. So I was thinking so many times whether I should go. But it was the very last class for the month and they won't have this class the next month so I thought I felt a little better (panadol helped a little when I stepped out of office. So I went to the nearest public toilet at the MRT station and changed. The venue was one station away and I thought to myself I shouldn't be so hard on myself. 

However I ended up enjoying the classes. Sure there were sporadic coughing here and there and I felt none the worse when I reached home. Yet I followed through the class and even had a group picture taken.

You can view the instructor's Facebook @zumbawithash
I'm in blue, centre besides the lady in the blue singlet. Anyway, I just noticed many of us were in blue, lol.

Look at all the tired but happy faces. There were a total of two guys and one of the guys come like every week, and I believed he came alone. Yet, he was so on despite the majority being all ladies. That's the spirit! And also, look at the ladies of various age groups. So age isn't a barrier to healthy living. But of course, do within your limits at a pace you're comfortable with. The instructors never try to pressure you. They are encouraging but again, it's best to know the level that you can do.

Oh, this week I tried piloxing. Of course I didn't know what the heck is it but I had a feeling it has something to do with pilates and boxing. But after watching the youtube videos, I realised it's a combination of 3 different things, boxing, standing pilates and dancing. They looked like fun and pretty intensive too so I thought heck, I would probably enjoy this piloxing class.

So at the start of the lesson, the instructor wanted us to do the steps well such as how we point out our toes and balance and move our legs because standing pilates is all about form. This will help work our core muscles by making them work harder. So through out the lessons, she kept emphasising we do it correctly. 

Honestly the balancing was quite hard, especially with one leg..but again, it's about working the muscles. So yes there were times I erm..lost my balance..but quickly tried to get into formation again. There were also group workout by holding each other's hands in a circle or line and do the exercises simultaneously. So that was quite fun too.

Anyway, here's a glimpse of what piloxing is about.

There is also piloxing knockout which I assumed may be like Strong by Zumba which is a more hardcore version of Zumba. It looked intensive.

But of course I still enjoy Strong by Zumba the most although I always feel they were trying to kill us..lololol..Every time we are told to do certain moves repeatedly, I would mouth 'Crazy....' like how many burpees do I have to do, lol.

Yet, it's always good to try out different fitness classes since they're free anyway. 

Next I am going to try K Fitness but maybe next month if it's available. So yeah this year, I am really into fitness although I don't see results in leaps and bounds but there is definitely a difference. It's very important to be consistent and while I started off doing this every other week, now it is something I look forward to each week.

Let's all strive to be a healthier version of ourselves by getting into the fitness groove and finding something that we like and look forward to :) Yes it is hard at times but once  you finish the routine, you will feel soooo good. 

Stay healthy people!

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