A for Effort

I was a bit crushed, okay..very crushed , when I realized that I got a C+ for my last test which I believed I studied very hard for it even though the exam questions were pretty tough but somehow 'answerable'. Everyone's like getting B, B+ and A even and yet, I got a C+ so it set me on a mission that I have to get at least a B for this subject, just as how I maintained my grades to be of either As or Bs even though during the tests I may not score as well (and one time, even failed a paper).

I would say that this time around, memory work is not enough. I need to learn to apply and even then, to apply the knowledge in the correct manner. Exams officially in less than a month and as much as I want to prep myself for it, I'm up for two projects, one individual and one group work. Hence, there is now a need for me to close both my online shops and to concentrate on what matters most at this point of time, which is my grades.

The previous afternoon, I came across this quote which resonated with me and which also explained why I'm up at 1 plus in the morning typing this blog post up. Earlier on, I was typing out two blog posts up on my business blog about my recent works to hopefully inspire people to make custom orders with me.

"The one requirement for success in our business lives is effort. Either you make the commitment to get results or you don't."

-Mark Cuban

This will also resonate with me across all aspects of my life. You want something, set goals and make effort to work towards it. Easier said than done but if you want to get to a point where you feel accomplished, you have to put in the effort by often questioning yourself, what effort must I put in to be at the healthy weight range, how much sales to make per week, how much money to put into savings per month and so on and so forth. After asking yourself, at the point of making the effort, and the going gets a little tough, tell yourself that THIS is what you want, which help you to re-focus because this is what you have to do to get what you want.

It's really easy to say that life is tough and there is no way you can save money, find love, get good grades for exam, if all you really do is to just to whine away and not put in any effort.

Therefore, I am going to put in effort for my studies and learn as much as I can the correct methods in answering the exam questions by applying what I learn and fine tune them to the case study questions. I am also going to make the effort to eat the right food and stay active that will help me lose weight or at least give me a leaner figure. I am also going to make the effort to wake up earlier in the morning to fulfill orders, bring in the money and stash some of them away towards buying myself a new laptop.

The list goes on and if we often think about the ways we can improve our lives and drive our efforts towards making these improvements, if God's willing, you will see the results :)

So if you have started on the wrong foot from the start of the year, let us make the next day a better one and take on a whole new different approach towards life for a better future.

All the best and give yourself an A for Effort!
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