Fun Walk at Marina Barrage - Civil Service Family Day 2013

I went for the Civil Service Family Day..because it was free and I would get a goody bag. Before you think I'm a free loader (at times...), I actually set out to go with my other colleagues. In the end, one of them went but he was a soloist, which I didn't mind because I didn't want to go with him anyway..ha! Yes, horrible me.

Moving on, I took it as an opportunity to go to Marina Barrage because I had not gone there before. Even though I didn't get to explore much of it, as I had to follow the trail closely for the Fun Walk, there were some interesting things to see. I don't know if seeing half naked Caucasian guys running along the path as interesting but to me, it is. 

The Fun Walk took a total of 45 minutes and it was fun initially until I reached almost the end, and I had to make a U Turn back to the initial point :S but oh well, it was there anyway that they have the Family Day thing going on. Speaking of which, while other people went with the family day, I was alone! I had two tickets but my mum was making so much noise the night before how me and my brother had to use the bathroom at the same time. Hrmph. 

So there I was queuing up for the goodie bags and since they had this silly policy where you had to collect in person and strictly no collecting on behalf, I had to queue up twice. Sigh. But the second round, I misplaced the bun coupon stub and when I was back on the shuttle bus to the train station, it was in my bag! I was looking at the floor to see if I had dropped any but I kept picking up the popcorn stubs instead. Hrmph. 

I queued up several times since I had two coupons anyway. They were also giving free cups of Nescafe coffee and the weather was hot enough to render me queue up twice for the same drink. I would say I was there for about one and a half hour only. I could have gone back up to explore Marina Barrage but that would mean crossing the bridge again and I'd rather go home. Yes, lazy me. But there were others who had left way before once they had used up the food coupons. Sadly, I couldn't queue for the ice-cream because it was the potong ice-cream and had coconut milk, which I don't consume. So wasted.

Would I go again? Most defo. But I'll remind myself to carry less heavy things or I'll end up with aching shoulder. 

Enjoy the pics which were mostly scenery scenes from my Fun Walk.

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