Tuesday, July 31, 2018

When Will People Stop Giving Themselves Excuses

Sometimes, I feel like we give ourself too many excuses. It's just a way of covering up that we just don't want to do it and then are compelled to give 101 excuses to so called escape from doing it. Why do we want to sabotage ourselves when it is going to be for the better in the long run.

For example, when we say we are going to exercise because we are gaining weight, have difficulty walking and wish to adopt a healthier lifestyle...after that proceeding to give 101 excuses on why we can't spare the time to exercise. And then we lament about how why are we putting on even more weight?

Go figure.

Honestly, I'm tired about people giving themselves and others excuses. I mean you have strong reasons why you need the money even more than before and then you have been given the opportunity to achieve this which happens to be a golden opportunity as it was very hard to convince the boss. And especially when the difficult situation that you are in right now, makes the opportunity even more precious than before.

And then you proceed to give up or delay this opportunity because again, you think about the inconveniences that you foresee if you proceed to take this up. However you don't think about how it actually will benefit you, never mind if you need to sacrifice certain things and the initial difficulties that you have to overcome, and also how it will also affect others.

I know people are going to think that oh, you can't assume this and that because you are not in their shoes. You don't know what is actually going on. You only know one side of the story.

The thing is, I get upset when I hear people pouring their hearts out why certain things don't go their way and why they have to be in such difficulties.

I mean, that's life. It's not going to be easy each day. There are just bound to have hiccups or experience sudden changes that can throw your life 360 degrees around. But you know about the saying that yes we don't always have control over certain aspects of life but it doesn't mean that it ends there. For example, we can't control natural disasters. We can't overlook our health issue. What we can control, mainly our attitude towards them and the actions that we take, we make sure we go all out on them to make the undesirable situations more bearable.

That is why I am tired when certain people try to milk sympathy from you over and over again, usually involving money, and then how tired they are with their living or financial situation. And then they got the chance to take that first step to make things better and then they just delay that opportunity with their 101 excuses. Worse still, it becomes like a norm to them, to reject those few chances they've got because well, it's not a good time yet....there's still so many other things they need to do first......work got in the way....blah blah blah.

Do you hear yourself?

It's really annoying but as much as much as I know complaining is bad, I do have to rant to air out my frustrations over certain someone or certain people especially when I end up being given empty promise. As a friend or relative, you try your best to help out even if it's, let's say, not a good time for you to render help financially. But you still do what you can because even the smallest thing we do for them can bring hope.

I am sure we all hear excuses all the time, and some on a daily basis. You know what, you do you. Whether you want to come in to work, or start on your commission works, saving up, lose weight and so on, that is up to each individual. Because at the end of the day, we are accountable for our own actions.

While I am still upset about it, I guess you have to learn to give people space. That we truly do not know what is going on or the truth behind their boat load of excuses. Sometimes people just don't get motivated to do things because what they are going through right now may be draining them mentally. And when you're mentally exhausted, you start to feel like everything that you do is wrong that you just totally...give up when all your efforts seem to go to waste.

We just hope for the best for them as we all know how overwhelming life can be at times especially when things that can go wrong, did go wrong. Or that one thing happen one after another like a wave of tsunami and you  just do not know how to react. 

Let's focus on ourselves now by not following in their footsteps to come up with excuses every now and then. Things may seem hard at first because if they are too easy, we slack even more. Living is temporary so we have to make the best use of our time here and time is such that once it's gone, it's gone. So Stop making excuses already and can truly enjoy the remaining time we have here on earth :)

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