The End of My Part-Time Diploma Studies!! Finally!!

I've finally completed my studies! That also explains why I've been absent on both my blogs because time is so precious :s Tests, projects and then the grand finale...EXAMS!!! I had to stop working on my orders to make way for this and turned down many in between. I still meet up with customers for past orders but I wasn't making as much money as before which is quite a bummer because I needed to save up for a laptop.

Still, I think that if you want something, you jolly well work towards it. Whatever the outcome is, knowing that you have tried your best and this is the best that you can get, the feeling is better than knowing you didn't work hard enough. It had been a very stressful two and a half year for me but if it had not been for supportive family and classmates, I too would have given up because many times, I felt like I'm not doing this in my favour. Like why do I do this at all in the first place. But the vision of me having a new job and to finally meet their minimum qualifications instead of just relying on my cert, it gives me a surreal feeling that things will change for the better, if I am willing to work hard for it.

There were guilty times of when I felt like I should actually be doing this or that but my body is too physically tired to accomplish what I had set my mind upon. But somehow, I managed to find the time, forcefully most times, because there's no way I am going to fail a certain paper or project or bring my team down when doing group project. It's all about setting your mentality right and prioritizing on what matters more now.

Such a surreal feeling when we were finishing the last paper and as I was trying to complete it, I could already feel the excitement as people started to leave and then there were a lot of happy talking outside. I wanted so badly to join in with the excitement but I had to complete it first, haha..and the clock was ticking!

My classmates stayed after the last paper which I felt was unusual but they all stayed to prep for many MANY phototaking later, haha. We even included our former lecturer who was doing invigilation for another group and we loved him so much we wanted to take pictures with him too! LOL!! And he was more than willing to take the photos with us.

I don't have the photos with me now but will share when I have it.

Hope this post inspires you to further your studies because learning never stops. I've always thought I don't have the financial means to do so but somehow, I managed to stay afloat without having to borrow money and even if I have to sacrifice my own bonuses, savings, worked on a few more orders, fill up the never ending paperwork to get the bursaries, so be it, if's going to pay for my education.

 Don't let not having enough money to stop you from pursuing your dreams.

Right now, I am focused for the next three years to save up some moolah so that I can work on my degree and hopefully to get one when I turned 40. Fingers crossed! For now, let me take a break from late nights, early mornings and what have you, just to pass the papers or complete the project, haha.

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