Friday, July 17, 2015

Busy Busy, Barely Hanging & A Miracle on Hari Raya Eve

 I really needed this long break coz I've been slapped with so much things do, and often feeling the guilt of sleeping in a little longer to rest my tiredness. I had orders coming in left and right, and almost every week, I'm down with preparations for either a class test or a project. Though the nightmare isn't over yet, I watched a video recently about how we can overcome the feeling of being overwhelmed when we have them written down what need to be done and giving ourselves an estimated time on how long it takes to complete it. Of course, not everything will be smooth sailing and just now when my classmate asked about how to upload a file for an assignment, I just remembered that it was due...TODAY.

Argh! * pulls hair*

Anyway, I've done it and according to my schedule, I should be updating this blog, haha. I may not always be here but I will certainly update it as and when I feel like I want to talk about things that are in my heart. I felt a tinge of sadness when I thought I had failed my recent class test while everybody was scoring pretty well. Brought me to the days when I had my first failure and I was even more determined to do well for the project and eventually, the exam. I do not know if I am able to perform the same miracle as this time round, the marks relied heavily on tests and projects and there is only one exam due next month. 

I realized I didn't fail the test, thankfully, although I can't say about another test which I  had recently taken. It was super hard but I thought that the difficulty of it could somewhat be cushioned IF I had started my preparations earlier since there was a lot to study. It says a lot when I was doing my orders while studying at the same time. Of course I also felt sad because my other classmates did well while I barely passed. So yeah, it is high time I do some mental check-in.

But I will take it in my stride because nobody says that achieving success is a stroll in the park. There are other people who also juggle multiple roles in their lives and each role is significant. Yet, they can still manage them all well. Pretty much like what the video I watched mentioned, if I want to have a successful life, start by planning my day. Simple as that. I will usually attempt to write and then stop referring to it when other things come into play and I start feeling overwhelmed again because I don't where to start and when to end each task. Sure things may not always follow as plan, just like the earlier mentioned assignment, and also I forgot to include running errands for my mother as part of the Hari Raya plans and also going to a bazaar in Tampines, which turned out to be a waste of time, because we didn't realize that it was over few days ago, haha. Oh dear. Now, I'm basically carrying forward yesterday's planned tasks to today and hopefully will be more successful this time round.

My night ended with both of us walking home because we missed the last bus. Though it wasn't far, I was carrying a 1kg bottle of bleach, lol...during the 20 to 25 minutes walk in the cool breeze. Oh dear, again.

Still, amidst the chaos, there was a ray of light. 

You know, I talked about a crush I had in the gym and then end up thinking that he will only be a crush to me, nothing more, because my mind is not in the right mindset for a relationship. Then due to the fasting month, I take a break so I don't get to see him for quite awhile, for a month I suppose. But I'm still thinking about him as and when.

Then lo and behold, in God's power, I was at the Kovan with my brother and we found a seat. As I was settling down, I thought I saw someone who looked like him but I just felt I was imagining things because I felt like almost every guy who looks like him, IS him, lol. 

But, upon several looks, I realized that it IS him. 

Oh.M.Geeeeee...this can't be happening. He seemed to have gone for a haircut but there was no denying that it was still a 100% him! I think he noticed too because he also looked at me but I had my hair down and not wearing some drab outfit so I guess it was more difficult for him to notice, haha. Then as I was looking at his reflection in the window, I was also guessing that he told his friend because he was turning around a couple of times, assuming that he was looking at me. Again, I'm just guessing. It could be a figment of my imagination, but my mind was not playing tricks this time, because who knew I would see him for real outside of the gym. On Raya eve some more!

Wah, and I had him in my full view some more. I didn't see him on the last day before I took a break but in God's grace, I saw him even when I wasn't at the gym. It is really a miracle :)

So if  you're feeling overwhelmed, take it easy and do your best to plan according to what you are able to achieve within a day. Can't finish? Don't be hard on  yourself and spend lesser time on less important things to give focus on things that are more important. You can have the most decorated, beautiful and expensive planner around but if you still struggling to get things done, then perhaps you should realign your focus, just like how I  have to close my online shop for July orders because I am overwhelmed with orders.

Ok, I will be writing a special Hari Raya post, hopefully in awhile.

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