1st Week of Ramadhan 2014 & 1st Iftar with Classmates

Today marked the second week of the Ramadhan week where the majority of Muslim people fast for one month, prior to the celebration of Hari Raya. This month is rather different because it's the first time I actually spend my time at school when breaking fast. But the school was kind enough to remind the lecturers to give us time to break fast just about 15 minutes prior to coming to class as the class starts at 7pm.

The first day went alright but on the second day, I was hit by quite a bad headache and although I could still function as normal, the headache was annoying. When I got back home from school about 11 plus at night, I ate some food and then quickly took a nap. The second day it got better and I just a slight headache but it was fine. Now I'm okay. So much so, I can stand for one and half hour for cupcakes..sigh..go figure. I learn to NOT go to the cakeshop during the fasting month, haha. It's really terrible! The queue was one thing, but the volume of cupcakes they bought, my goodness. Never ever! haha..

Oh yes, I also had my first iftar (break fast meal) with my classmates :)

They're a really friendly and helpful bunch and I'm glad to be their classmates. Thank God for them.

So now after writing this post, will be going out to buy some cookies for my aunt and maybe one or two bottles for ourselves. 

If you're a fellow Muslim, have a good Ramadhan.

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